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Residents plan to fight the development of a new quarry off of Exit 1

Update: On April 22, 2010, A representative from The Rogers Group admitted to an Oakland Hills resident that called on behalf of the Stop The Quarry movement the plot outlined in the satellite photo IS one of the two sites they are considering in the Todd County!

The Logo of the Stop the Quarry group
The Logo of the Stop the Quarry group

I was called from a neighbor a couple of days ago about a problem that might be arising that will affect all the homes off Exit 1 around the Trenton/Tylertown Roads.  She went to Kentucky yesterday to get a plat of where this Quarry will be built. It is shocking how close it is to our subdivisions on the North side of Interstate 24!

Below I have placed a copy of the plat, so you can see if it will affect your area.  We understand that this is being built right inside the KY line but they will be using Trenton and Tylertown Road to get to the Hemlock. Not to mention the blasts that will shake all of our homes!

The information below was taken from the new web site which is attempting to fight the quarry, I have been given permission to quote what has been brought to the surface.

What we know

The Rogers Group based in Nashville, TN has shown an interest in developing a rock quarry in the Todd County area.  They are the company interested in the tract of land in question (below). The Rogers Group is deciding between two locations and hopes to acquire the quarry location in order to supply the Hemlock plant with the quarried limestone. (Tylertown Road would be the most direct route of delivery.)

Apparently, core samples have been taken and some surveying has been done in preparation for the development of a quarry.  However, on a positive note, no mining permit has been applied for with the state of Kentucky.

Kentucky does not have zoning restrictions – meaning there is no barrier between development and the state.  No planning commission, no re-zoning red tape.  Companies applying for a mining permit in the state of Kentucky DO have to submit a public notice to the most heavily circulated newspaper within a 50-mile radius of the intended mining site.  This is, of course, the Kentucky New Era based in Hopkinsville, would be the appropriate publication.

We need to show The Rogers Group they aren’t just going up against a small group of Tennessee homeowners and a handful of Kentucky farmers; they are going against a united front of more than 7 large Clarksville neighborhoods consisting of more than a thousand Tennessee homeowners willing to support those bordering their intended quarry!

We need to contact them RELENTLESSLY voicing our opposition to their potential quarry before it legally becomes our newest neighbor!

We need the support of Clarksville neighbors not affected to stand in the gap for the homeowners who can’t be here due to be deployed.  Will you help us take a stand?

Channel 4 News came to Clarksville and did a piece on this developing story.


  • The Rogers Group out of Nashville is planning to start quarrying limestone to supply the Hemlock plant.
  • The land that is the subject is owned by Paul Cooper
  • Core samples and surveying have been done on the property
  • No new deeds have been filed in Todd County
  • No mining permit has been applied for in the state of Kentucky
  • The Rogers Group will have to notify the public via the New Kentucky Era for 30 days as part of the permit process
  • No notification has appeared in the paper as of yet
  • No zoning restrictions in Kentucky – NO planning commission
  • The Rogers Group has been trying to access limestone in Todd County for a few years now without much success
  • The Rogers Group moved a projected quarry site in Huntsville, AL due to public fallout
  • Woodstock residents and Kentucky farmers are not happy
  • Tylertown/Oakland Hills residents are just now finding out
  • Tennessee officials have no power in Kentucky, it’s up to our residents to make a change
  • The EXACT location of the quarry – Woodstock farms (right next to Woodstock subdivision)
  • The land consists of 500 +/- acres and crosses HWY 108

Rumors and Speculations

  • Property has been sold to The Rogers Group

For More Information

To view updated information about this developing story please visit STOP the Quarry!

If you know a resident that is deployed, stand in the gap for them! Please forward this to everyone you know to help us stop something that could hurt our economy and to educate others on what is going on right outside our back doors!

Thea Long
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