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Mediaworks to provide assistance to flood affected businesses

Printed materials may be the last thing a business will worry about when digging out from flood damage. But, it will be impossible to salvage any printed materials that were caught in the floodwaters.

As businesses dig out from the flood, MediaWorks would like use our core competency, design and printed materials, to provide assistance to the flood affected businesses.

This may not be the highest dollar area of loss for a business, but it is something needs to get replaced in order for a business to get up and running again.

MediaWorks will provide flood affected businesses with a basic initial order of printed materials free of charge. Printing materials may include letterhead, envelops, forms and other materials that are used in the business’s regular operations. MediaWorks will determine the quantity of a basic initial order, and will retain artwork for future reprint needs.

For signs and other materials, MediaWorks will provide design assistance but not production costs. MediaWorks can assist the business in re-developing signage that will meet the city Building & Codes guidelines. This is your opportunity to upgrade your signage.

MediaWorks may not be able to provide every need for printing services that a business may have at no charge, however we will look at each request to to assess what we can can help them with.

To request assistance, submit a request in writing using the contact form at http://www.mediaworksdesign.com/.

Mediaworks is located at 116 Hiter Street in Clarksville, TN. However all mailed requests should be sent to:

P.O. Box 788
Clarksville, TN 37040

About Mediaworks

MediaWorks is your single, award-winning source for creative materials from brochure design to catalog production. We can assist you with printing from business cards to billboards and anything in between. We provide quality professional design services to fit our clients’ needs linking excellent design with creative development, printing and fun promotional products. Our convenient shop on-line service allows you to browse for the promotional products you need at your convenience.

Our creative team is committed to using our best talents and resources to serve your needs with integrity, character, honesty, and a commitment to excellence.

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