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The Young Daughters of Destiny to host crusade for youth suicide prevention

Young Daughters of Destiny will be hosting a two part Suicide Prevention Crusade for Youths on September 25th.

The first part of the crusade will be held at Unity Christian Academy (1800 Memorial Dr.) from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. During these times, local youth will have a chance to discuss an array of issues they face on a daily basis.

The second part of the crusade will take place at the Beachaven Winery (1100 Dunlop LN) from 1:00pm – 4:00pm. Some of the top Christian artists in the community will perform.  Truth, Toney Dabney, Tony Dillard, Sonimar, Peaches 7, Unity Group, and Number Seven are just a few of the groups who will be in attendance.

About the Young Daughters of Destiny

The Young Daughters of Destiny were formed in 2009 by Reverend Rita Ewing to provide assistance to young ladies who are battling with or have experienced depression, mistreatment, or have suicidal thoughts or a broken spirit. They hold quarterly rallies and seminars leading up to an annual gala concert. This is their second year, and they have found that raising awareness of teenage suicide is more important than ever.  Teenage suicides have struck  the Montgomery County community on numerous occasions, and in 2009 teenage suicide became a reality in the lives of several local families.  The Young Daughters of Destiny are on a crusade to eliminate youth suicides in the Clarksville community. The organization is one of the only non-profit groups in the community that openly discusses suicide and suicide prevention methods.

Donations are tax deductible so feel free to give to support this worthy cause. If you would like to learn more about Young Daughters of Destiny, visit www.youngdaughtersofdestiny.org or call Rita Ewing at 931-801-9319.


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