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2011 Fireball Run to Stop in Clarksville

City of ClarksvilleClarksville, TN – The City of Clarksville has been selected as the sixth stop on the 2011 Chevrolet Fireball Run Adventurally on September 29th. This unique competition starts its southern excursion on September 23rd in Melbourne, FL, and ends October 1st in Gulfport, MS, with plenty of action and sights along the 2,500-mile route.

Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan will host a news conference about the Fireball Run at 9:30am Thursday at the Mayor’s Office in City Hall.

As many as 50 teams will set out across seven Southern states in vehicles ranging from exotic sport cars to movie cars in a sort of road rally/scavenger hunt that will be filmed as a documentary and distributed by NBC Universal Studios. 

Chevrolet Fireball Run AdventurallyFormer NASCAR driver Geoff Bodine and Space Shuttle Astronaut Winston Scott are expected to be among the competitors. The event also brings awareness to missing children with its Race to Recover America’s Missing Children campaign. Additionally, a donation is made to a local charity in the host cities along the route.

Mayor McMillan has selected the local F.U.E.L. program as the beneficiary of the Fireball Run donation. F.U.E.L. helps provide nutritious foods on weekends and holidays for children, who primarily receive such food at school.

For more information on the Fireball Run, go to www.fireballrun.com.

About Project F.U.E.L.

Project F.U.E.L. feeds hungry children in the Clarksville/Montgomery County school system. Over twelve hundred school children leave school on Friday, and don’t have a solid meal again until they return to school on Monday.

Project F.U.E.L. is the life’s mission of Denise Skidmore, who was led to this effort by her Christian faith. “I was searching for a purpose in my life, wondering what would be my footprint if I were to die today” she said, “I want to feed every child I can. I won’t stop until they are all taken care of”.

About Race to Recover America’s Missing Children

The Race to Recover America’s Missing Children Foundation started by the participants of the Fireball Run in memory of the plight for all missing kids.

The Fireball Run Adventurally elicits $29 million in media exposure which we focus on our Race to Recover America’s Missing Children – the country’s largest and longest “active recovery effort” for missing and abducted children.

Every Fireball Run team is assigned a child missing from their home region. While competing in the adventure it’s their mission to distribute 1000 posters throughout the journey in an effort to raise awareness for and aid in the recovery of that missing child.

Annually Fireball Run distributes nearly 75,000 posters which to date has aided in the recovery effort of an unprecedented 35 missing children.


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