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Clarksville-Montgomery County Convention and Visitors Bureau announces GORUCK Challenge coming to Clarksville

Clarksville Montgomery County Convention and Visitors BureauClarksville, TN – While obstacle courses and mud runs are all the rage these days, nothing compares to the real thing.

The Clarksville-Montgomery County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is pleased to announce its recent partnership with GORUCK, an organization that allows everyday individuals a glimpse into the world of Special Operations training.

On October 27th participants will have the opportunity to experience a part of the Special Forces selection process right here in Clarksville.

GORUCK Events are team events, never races. Challenges have been held across the globe, each time led by former Special Operations personnel. From Army Green Berets, Navy Special Warfare or Force Reconnaissance Marines, these men have gone to the extreme, and will take you there as well.

With teams of at least 30 pushing themselves to the limit, participants undergo intense physical and mental feats of strength throughout the eight to 10 hour event. The team aspect is a key element to the event’s success, and directly related to the Special Forces selection process.

According to GORUCK organizers, “People are good and capable of much more when they work together, for each other. GORUCK Events are proof, but this happens only by pushing individuals beyond their limits.”

The 15-20 mile route is kept secret until the day of the event. Each challenge is unique and there is no set amount of obstacles. Participants are weighted down with their individual backpacks, known as “rucksacks” or “rucks”. Teams have no idea how long each exercise will last, or when they will be able to rest.

And that’s just the beginning. Challenges also include the now infamous log at some point during the excursion. From a fallen tree trunk to a railroad tie, this massive weight will be carried by the team.

What seems impossible in the beginning quickly become reality. Strangers become teammates. This is where the distinction lies between GORUCK and other physical endurance challenges. At GORUCK, you are not racing against time or simply testing your nerve; you are challenging your limits, defining your strength and joining forces with those around you to make it to the end as a team.

Individuals and teams can join the Clarksville event by visiting the GORUCK website, goruckchallenge.com. The competition is open to men and women 18-years of age and older. Those interested can also find a direct link to the Clarksville Challenge on the CVB website, www.clarksvillecvb.com.

Registration is $120.00 until August 27th and increases until the registration closes. GORUCK donates $10.00 of every entry fee to the Green Beret Foundation.

The Clarksville CVB has been interested in partnering with a challenge/endurance event for some time.

“We are very excited to have GORUCK in our city,” said Theresa Harrington, Executive Director of the Convention & Visitors Bureau. “The mud runs and warrior races are appealing, but GORUCK is the only event that gives people the opportunity to experience a portion of true Special Forces selection. You can’t get it anywhere else.”

With the close proximity of Fort Campbell, home to 5th Special Forces, the event also seemed like a good tie in for the community.

For more information on the Clarksville GORUCK Challenge, contact Jessica Goldberg at 931.245.4346 or email Jessica@clarksville.tn.us.


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