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Mark Green Speaks to Downtown Kiwanis

Election 2012Clarksville, TN – On Tuesday, July 24th, the Republican State Senate Candidate for District 22, Doctor Mark Green spoke to the Downtown Kiwanis luncheon about his book “A Night with Saddam.”

In December 2003 Green was part of the mission that captured Saddam Hussein while he was deployed to Iraq. The night Hussein was captured Green was asked to spend the night in his jail cell to monitor him medically.

Mark Green speaking to the Downtown Kiwanis
Mark Green speaking to the Downtown Kiwanis

“Saddam Hussein was laying there with an Army blanket pulled over his head. He sat up and motioned me over to check his blood pressure.” Green said. “As I was taking his blood pressure he commented that he wanted to be a doctor when he was a little boy. The image of Saddam Hussein, the Butcher of Baghdad, taking the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm started what would be a five and a half hour conversation.”

Green further recounted Hussein’s responses to several of his questions as they talked through the night, like why Saddam started a war with Iran, and why he invaded Kuwait. Green further fielded questions from the 60 plus people in attendance and recounted the one question he wanted to ask but didn’t get a chance to get answered.

“After Saddam Hussein finished praying I asked him how his faith had shaped him and his policies as the ruler of Iraq” Green said. “About that time, military officials realized what was going on and brought a camera in the room to record it. Once the red light started blinking to record, Hussein pulled the blanket back over his head and the interview was over.”

No stranger to service, Dr. Green was assigned to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment as a special operations flight surgeon after completing his residency in emergency medicine in 2002 and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. A West Point graduate in Economics, he left the military after 16 years of service and decided to stay in Clarksville.

Today, Dr. Green is the President and owner of AlignMD, an emergency department, hospitalist and urgent care management and staffing company based in Clarksville which operates in five states and has brought $4 million in jobs to the local community. Dr. Green and his wife of 23 years, Camie, reside in Clarksville where they are raising two children, Mitchell and Alexa.

For more information on Green’s campaign, please visit www.markgreenfortennessee.com.


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