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Aspire Clarksville to Kickoff new Fundraising Campaign in February

Aspire Clarksville FoundationClarksville, TN – Aspire Clarksville, an economic development foundation to benefit Clarksville-Montgomery County, Tennessee, will officially launch its new campaign at a kickoff breakfast in early February.

The new, five-year, campaign aims to raise nearly $3.8 million for local business development, which is anticipated to bring over 3,500 jobs to the area.

The new effort, “A Focus On The Future,” is the fifth campaign since the Aspire initiative was started in 1996.

Recently, the Foundation nominated two prominent local businessmen, Dr. Mark Green, Align MD, and Joe Pitts, Planters Bank, to co-chair the campaign.  Both Pitts and Green will reveal the goals and current status of the economic plan at the kickoff breakfast.

“The positive momentum that the Aspire Foundation has created over last 17 years is something that this community should be proud of,” said Pitts. “Aspire has been a catalyst for a substantial amount of growth and development that Clarksville-Montgomery County has seen, and will continue to see moving forward.”

At the kickoff, Craig King, President of RJ Corman Railroad Group LLC, will serve as the keynote speaker and will provide prospective on the importance of Clarksville-Montgomery County’s emergence as a strong economic engine for the region.

King joined RJ Corman in July 2013 after a 35-year career at CSX Corp., where he most recently served as Regional Vice President of Transportation. King is member of the team at RJ Corman who has been an integral part of adding and completing rail access to, and within, the Corporate Business Park.

The availability of rail has been a key incentive when recruiting companies such as Hemlock Semiconductor, L.L.C. and Hankook Tire Company to Clarksville-Montgomery County.

The Aspire Clarksville Foundation was created as an initiative of the Clarksville-Montgomery County Economic Development Council to improve the economy and livability of the community by attracting significant capital investment and expansion by business and industry, thereby creating better opportunities and jobs.

Aspire will focus resources on four fundamental strategies:

  • Global Business Development
  • Community Development
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Tourism

“Reaching the $3.8 million campaign goal will allow the team at the EDC to invest in initiatives that will advance this community, and continue to do work that will make us healthy economically and competitive globally,” said Green. “I am pleased to be working with strong business leaders who see the long-term vision for this region’s future.”


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