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Clarksville-Montgomery County Economic Development Council (EDC) narrows Search For Executive Director

Clarksville-Montgomery County Economic Development CouncilClarksville, TN – The Clarksville-Montgomery County, Tennessee Economic Development Council (EDC) Executive Board is pleased to announce they have finalized the first series of interviews for the new EDC Executive Director.

The EDC serves as the staffing and support organization for its member entities, the Industrial Development Board (IDB), Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) and the Chamber of Commerce, and is moving forward to have the position filled by late March 2014.

The EDC Executive Director position was posted on several national-level career and professional organization sites, with the intent of drawing a pool of highly qualified and competitive applicants from all over the country.

As of the December 31st, 2013 application closing time, a pool of 65 local and national applicants had submitted their resumes, and 31 passed the initial Human Resources screening. From those 31, 14 individuals had been extended an opportunity to interview.

On February 7th, the Executive Board of the EDC, along with several Board members of the Aspire Clarksville Foundation and other community leaders, serving as the Selection Committee, conducted first-round interviews with eight potential candidates. Interviews were held at the EDC office, both in person and some via teleconference.

“We have been very satisfied with the quality of candidates that we have interviewed and are confident that our final selection will be an effective leader for both the EDC and the Clarksville-Montgomery County community,” said Kay Drew, Chairman of the EDC. “We are also pleased with the balance of both strong local and out-of-town candidates who accepted to be a part of the interview process.”

As of February 14th, references are being called and verified and the next interview will take place in the coming two weeks. The reference check will narrow down the number of final candidates.

“The Executive Director Selection Committee has worked diligently to ensure that the process has been fair and unbiased,” said Katie Gambill, Chairman of the Chamber and member of the EDC Executive Board. “Our goal is to select the most qualified individual who can effectively carry out the mission of the EDC and the Aspire Foundation.”

Once filled, the Executive Director will be the leader of the EDC and is responsible for facilitating, promoting and ensuring economic development in Clarksville-Montgomery County. They will also be tasked with securing opportunities for economic growth and business development, all while increasing employment opportunities and population countywide.

The Executive Director will also serve as the Director of the Aspire Clarksville Foundation, a privately funded, non-profit organization that helps to fund the initiatives of the EDC and its member entities.


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