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IRS’ Free File makes Tax Filing Easy and Free

Internal Revenue Service - IRSWashington, D.C. – You don’t have to be a tax expert to prepare your federal tax return. Really!

Using IRS Free File, you can prepare and e-file your federal taxes on brand-name software for free. The program is a partnership between the IRS and the Free File Alliance, a group of about 14 tax software companies.

All Free File software companies use the latest encryption software. Nearly 40 million tax filers have used Free File safely and securely.

Here are four facts about IRS Free File:

  1. Access IRS.gov.  You can only access Free File through the IRS.gov website. Once you choose a Free File company there, you’ll be directed to their website to prepare and e-file your return. If you go directly to a tax software company’s website first, their services may not be free.
  2. Taxes simplified.  Free File offers the free use of brand-name tax software. The software selects the appropriate tax form, uses a question and answer format to help you find tax breaks, and does the calculations for you.
  3. Free options for all.  People who make $58,000 or less, which includes most Americans, can use the Free File brand-name software. People who earn more can use Free File Fillable Forms, an electronic version of IRS paper forms.
  4. Free extensions.  Filers who can’t complete their tax returns by the April 15th filing deadline can use Free File to request a six-month extension. Remember that this is an extension of time to file, not to pay. If you think you’ll owe taxes, complete the estimated payment section of the form and submit your payment with your extension request to avoid penalties and interest.

Free File: It’s Fast. It’s Safe. It’s Free.

For more information, visit www.IRS.gov/freefile .


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