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Clarksville Police Department’s District 3 conducts Prostitution Sting

Clarksville Police Department - CPDClarksville, TN – In response to the increase in drug and criminal activity around the Exit 4 area, Clarksville Police detectives from District 3 Criminal Investigations began a prostitution operation around the 1st of March, which continued through the 1st of April.

The investigation focused on advertisements that were being placed on Backpage.com.

(Top L to R) Elliot Powell, Keith Garrett and Elizabeth Cook. (Bottom L to R) Tammy Hopkins and Erin Hacker.

Officers placed an ad in the adult escort section as well as responded to ads in the escort section.

This operation was conducted at various times of the day and different days of the week and will be an on-going operation that will be conducted periodically.

As a result, CPD made the following arrest

Alexander Shook, Andre Bell and Fabian RamirezJames Allen, Juan Gonzales and Stacy SpencerEric Hoosier aka Pancake, Chad Delgado and Slyvares LightBrandon Smith, Zachary Arkin, Daniel Beard and Dervon KingBryan Hall Pic 1&2, Julian Martin and Christopher RicketsonJames Lauer, Jerry Walker, and Jerico ChanvongJohn Winters and Wade Green

The Clarksville Police Department will continue to place ads and monitor this site, as well as others.



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