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AAA says Thieves Steal Travelers’ Peace of Mind

Travelers need to take precautions to make sure their valuables are safe when they go on vacation.

AAATampa, FL -The summer travel season is here and millions of Americans will leave their home to enjoy a much needed vacation. Unfortunately, many travelers may come home to find their house has been robbed and their valuables taken.

“No one wants to come home from vacation to find their house has been robbed,” said Jessica Brady, spokeswoman, AAA Travel. “By taking a few precautions, travelers can rest a little easier on vacation knowing their home and belonging will be safe and sound when they return.”

Travelers who will be away on a tour, cruise, or road trip should take every precaution they can to safeguard their home.

AAA Tips to Protect Your Home while on Vacation

  • Long-Term Parking
    Do not leave items such as your vehicle registration, insurance cards, or any other identification in your vehicle if you are leaving it in a parking garage for an extended period of time.   Thieves know you’re out of town, can get your home address from the vehicle registration, and use the garage door opener to get inside a home to rob it.
  • Electronics
    Do not leave electronics such as GPS and garage door openers in your vehicle when away and traveling. This gives thieves a simple way to find a person’s home and easily get in to rob it. Many people program their home address in GPS units under “home” which allows thieves to find a person’s house and use the garage door opener to easily get inside without being noticed.
    If a GPS unit is mounted in a vehicle, remove your “home” address.
  • Social Media
    Do not announce you will be out of town on social media platforms. While it’s common to share vacations with friends and family, you run the risk of making your house a target for break-ins. Instead, text and email those close to you and wait until you return to share your vacation photos and videos on social media.
  • Luggage Tags
    Don’t put home address on checked luggage at airports or on cruise lines. Instead, only put your email or phone number, so people who know you’re leaving town don’t have access to your home address.
  • The Basics
    ?At the very least, do the following to ensure your home and belongings are safe and secure while traveling:

    • Stop mail and/or newspapers or have a neighbor get pick them up
    • Set house lights, the TV, and/or a radio on a timer so it looks as though someone is home
    • Don’t leave keys hidden outside
    • If away for an extended period of time, arrange for a lawn service
    • Be sure all windows and doors are locked

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