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Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office SROs, during break, assist in warrants roundup

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office - MCSOClarksville, TN – During last week’s fall break, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Warrants Section conducted a warrant roundup while aided by school resource officers

As part of Operation SRO Fall Fling, the deputies apprehended 9 fugitives, clearing a total of 31 felony and 5 misdemeanor warrants ranging from theft to rape.



“During this operation, our agency was able to clear a growing number of criminal warrants while using the SROs as much-needed additional manpower during their break from school,” said Sheriff John Fuson.

Deputies received a daily briefing and threat assessment from Deputies Donovan Newlove and Cody Lannom on each fugitive that was targeted by the section.

“The school resource officers’ willingness to learn and increase their tactical proficiency will benefit them in their every day duties with the school system,” said SRO Sgt. Malcolm Burgess, who is also a member of the MCSO Tactical Unit.

Also, during this operation, the SROs were able to assist other MCSO units with the search and apprehension of one of two juveniles that escaped state transport last week.

“This kind of cross training and cooperative working relationship is a key part of Sheriff Fuson’s plan to make his deputies more effective,” said Lt. Cliff Smith, who is in charge of the Criminal Warrants Section and SROs.

Sgt. Kenneth Austion, who is the first-line supervisor of the warrants section, added: “We are getting better at our job of apprehending fugitives because we continue to build productive relationships with other agencies and our citizens.”


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