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Clarksville’s Tilted Kilt delivers Delicious Food and Great Service

Clarksville's Tilted KiltClarksville, TN – Granted, most guys do not travel to the Tilted Kilt at 2790B Wilma Rudolph Boulevard in Clarksville initially for the food. If you’ve seen the pictures of the wait staff there, you can’t help but notice that the waitress uniforms are explicitly sexy.

Jessica, our waitress, was a poster girl for Tilted Kilt with terrific service and all the other attributes that make Tilted Kilt a destination you don’t want to miss.

The amazing thing is that once you order anything on the menu, you find out that the food is extremely good.

Tilted Kilt waitress Jessica serves your food with a smile.
Tilted Kilt waitress Jessica serves your food with a smile.

For instance, the buffalo wings come either the traditional way or grilled. These are not the small wings like at other places, but huge jumbo wings. Those who are connoisseurs of wings swear that these are the best wings they ever tasted. The grilled wings are exceptionally good.

The flavors are garlic Parmesan, Guinness’ barbecue, Tilted Kilt signature, Tilted, mango habanero, and kilt burner. You can also get boneless wings that have been breaded. All wings also come with fries so you can make a meal on wings!

Grilled Chicken Wings.
Grilled Chicken Wings.

The sandwiches are large, delicious, and also come with a side. The regular sides are fries, sea salt or cracked pepper fries, fresh-cooked potato chips, broccoli or coleslaw. Premium sides are a side salad, Caesar salad, beer-battered onion rings, white cheddar mac and cheese, garlic Parmesan fries, cottage cheese, sweet potato fries, sidewinder fries,, or mashed potatoes.

Burgers at Tilted Kilt are spectacular. One choice is the Double D Burger (Dublin Dare). It’s double the meat patty and the cheese for a burger that only a giant could get his mouth around. The sandwich looks like it’s easily six inches tall.

Pub Fried Egg Burger
Pub Fried Egg Burger

Burgers have unusual additions like roasted green chilies, guacamole, shoestring potatoes, bleu cheese crumbles, or a fried egg.

The Pub Fried Egg Burger comes with Applewood smoked bacon, a fried egg, American cheese, leaf lettuce, ripe tomato & red onion and is simply delicious.

Another great choice is the Mother Clucker Chicken Sandwich. It is a breaded chicken breast fried (or grilled), tossed in Tilted sauce, leaf lettuce, ripe tomato, red onion and ranch. If you like chicken sandwiches then you will love the Mother Clucker.

If you want an entree, you could choose One Shot Johnny shepherd’s pie, Sadie’s stuffed breasts, classic fish and chips, Mediterranean salmon, rack of ribs, top sirloin, or chicken tenders. Pastas include buffalo chicken mac and cheese or pulled pork mac and cheese.

I personally ate the Wicked Boston Pulled Pork Sandwich and it was terrific. Normally a fan of barbecue with no sauce, I thought the barbecue sauce at Tilted Kilt was excellent.

Wicked Boston Pulled Pork Sandwich
Wicked Boston Pulled Pork Sandwich

Appetizers include Irish nachos, pub pretzels, pre-game pickles, chips and salsa, classic nachos, Scotch eggs, calamari, kick arse queso dip, drunken clams, grilled chicken quesadilla, mozzarella sticks, and highlander sample platter.

Desserts, if you are still hungry, are caramel, chocolate chip or brownie goodies with ice cream topped with the appropriate sauce. You could stop in just for dessert.

Let’s not forget the sports bar atmosphere. There are 54 HD televisions are all over the room so you can watch any sport available—baseball, basketball, football, hockey, tennis, soccer, racing—you name it.

170? LED Tilted Kilt “Viewing Wall”
170? LED Tilted Kilt “Viewing Wall”

There is also the massive 170″ LED Tilted Kilt “Viewing Wall”. The Video Wall consists of nine LED flat screen televisions with full HD, layered 3×3 for a total viewing area of 170″.

The wall has multiple configurations to include placing each of the nine TVs on different individual channels, or the entire nine TVs on one channel for 170″ viewing area.

If your looking for a place to watch your favorite sports, then I can think of no better place than the Tilted Kilt. With the NFL season approaching, it is a great place for your fantasy football draft parties.

The Tilted Kilt Girls.
The Tilted Kilt Girls.

The ladies’ room has the following slogan, “Friends don’t let friends take ugly men home.” Just like the tongue-in-cheek atmosphere, the Tilted Kilt is the restaurant where you’ll see lots of families with small kids, couples on a date, friends having a night out, and guys over for a game of pool.

See you at the Tilted Kilt!

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