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Clarksville’s First Thursday Art Walk to be held March 5th, 2020

First Thursday Art WalkClarksville, TN – Produced by The Downtown Clarksville Association, First Thursday Art Walk is a free, self-guided tour spanning a 5-block radius that combines visual art, live music, engaging events and more in the heart of Downtown Clarksville.

With 10+ venues, bars and businesses participating each month, the First Thursday Art Walk in Clarksville is the ultimate opportunity to savor and support local creative talent.

First Thursday Art Walk in downtown Clarksville
First Thursday Art Walk in downtown Clarksville

The February Art Walk will be held March 5th, 2020 from 5:00pm to 8:00pm at the shops and galleries on Public Square, Franklin Street, and Strawberry Alley.

The participating businesses are listed below as well as a description of the work they will be exhibiting and services they will be offering during the event.

Downtown Artists Co-op (96 Franklin Street)

The upcoming exhibit at the Downtown Artists’ Cooperative & Gallery (DAC Gallery) is titled HERBARIUM. It will convey a collection of recent original ink renditions by artist member D.C.Thomas.

The opening reception will be during the First Thursday Artwalk, March 5th, in Downtown Historic Clarksville, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm, at 96 Franklin Street.

The exhibit – HERBARIUM – will be on view until March 28th.

Admission into the DAC Gallery is free. For more information about the DAC Gallery, please visit Downtown Artists Co-op | DAC | Tennessee | Clarksville.

Personal insight from the artist, “This project is no Emily Dickinson attempt, but just another juxtaposition of Sumi-e botanical contexts and allegorical titles I actually wanted to turn into poems. In this display of recent works, I show that I remain truthful to my art, to my imagination, to my pain, to the love inside of me. I will continue to strive remaining truthful to this amalgam of poetry and visuals that seem to extend from my heartstrings and pathways in my brain in a way I can’t quite explain.

To me, Herbarium is an important collection of Sumi-e paintings on crinkled rice paper, delicate to the touch, pleasing to the eye, intriguing, alluring and sometimes reassuring. Some could be abstract erotic. Overall, Herbarium is apt of helping one’s mind to transition into daydreaming whilst looking at it.

Herbarium is also a nod to the Women’s History Month – March. Plants, leaves, ?owers are so rich in suggesting womanhood, fertility, ancestral beauty and they strongly perpetuate life through time and space, just like the beautiful sex of our species.

They ?ght, they feed o? of the light and they bury themselves into the ground, roots conquer the barren soil, they ensure their living. They don’t grasp the concept of fear. Flowers pass into the next life through seeds I chose not to render in this exhibit. I haven’t gotten to that part yet. So much to ?gure out still.”

For more information about the artist (bios & statements) please visit www.dcthom.com


The Framemaker (705 North Second Street)

For over two decades, The Framemaker has offered a unique selection of frames and art services to the Middle Tennessee area.

Turtle Islands: Patrick Vincent
The Framemaker proudly presents prints by Patrick Vincent. This exhibit is part of Clarksville’s First Thursday Art Walk on March 5th, 2020. An opening reception will be held from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. The exhibit will remain on display at the Framemaker throughout the month of March during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm).

“I use print and print-based structures to explore myth and narrative in graphic traditions, mixing traditional and contemporary animal-human iconography to survey contemporary social and ecological issues.”

The series of prints ” Turtle Islands” responds to the natural environment, specifically water and fire, as the effects of climate change become increasingly severe. Each print centers on turtle shell as a suggestion of the world as a tangible object–referencing cosmological and ontological myths were the turtle shell is the world or supports the world, as we know it–as well as a signifier of a natural structure against various dynamic elements.

Patrick Vincent is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He received his B.F.A. from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and his M.F.A. from Arizona State University. Presently, he is the Associate Professor of Printmaking at Austin Peay State Univerity in Clarksville, TN.

The Framemaker is located at the corner of North Second Street and Georgia Avenue, across from the Clarksville Academy.

The Roxy Regional Theatre (100 Franklin Street)

Peg Harvill Gallery

For those who enjoy the visual arts, the Peg Harvill Gallery, located just beyond the lobby, hosts twelve shows annually featuring locally and nationally known artisans. Shows generally open the first Thursday of each month for our First Thursday Art Walk.

The Roxy Regional Theatre’s Peg Harvill Gallery is proud to feature the art of local artist Peggy Bonnington for the month of March during the Roxy’s production of “A Streetcar Named Desire”, playing, March 13th – March 28th.

Peggy Bonnington gravitates toward the unfettered creativity of unconsciously wandering lines, an intuitive stroke of color and impulsive shading. She taught special education with Fort Campbell Schools, retiring in 2008. Peggy is an active member of the DAC (Downtown Artists’ Co-op).

From the artist: “Drawing and painting has been a passion since childhood. A preference for the unique has led me in experimentation with a focus on having fun and pleasing myself in a style often described as whimsical. I like ‘playing’ with line and color as well as different textures and media. My journey as an artist has continued to unfold, with latest interests including book arts and ceramic mosaic pieces.”

For tickets to and information about our current production of “A Streetcar Named Desire”, please visit www.roxyregionaltheatre.org or call the box office at 931.645.7699.

Additional gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 2:00pm.

Hudubam Booktraders (110 Franklin Street)

Hudubam Booktraders is proud to host Sara King during the March 2020 First Thursday Art Walk.

Born in 1996, Sara King is an artist based in the rural town of Lobelville, Tennessee. Her main medium that she practices in is Photography. Currently she is making work using cyanotypes, an alternative photography process. Her most recent bodies of work focus on mental illness, life cycles, and self preservation. She received her BFA from Austin Peay State University in December of 2018.

DBO Gallery (106 N. Second Street)

DBO Gallery is proud to host an exhibit featuring the work of Olasubomi Bashorun , Lorenzo Swinton and Grady Pennington during the March 2020 First Thursday Art Walk.

Olasubomi Bashorun graduated with an art degree from Oklahoma Baptist University and now lives and works in the Middle Tennessee area. In addition to creating beautiful original work, he teaches art, instructs ballroom dancing and hosts creative workshops. Olasubomi’s artistic inspiration was fostered and influenced, in part, by his high school art teacher, Kathleen Blake.

“I have always had talent to see and create, but she made me realize what art can do for the mind and soul. She taught me to be creative and express myself with my art. I’ve been doing that ever since.”

“I believe that everyone of us should create. Sure, some peoples creation maybe more esthetically pleasing than others. But its not only about the outcome, it is about the process of starting from nothing, adding the first scribble then creating relationships from scribble to line, working through rough edges and the mistakes and then knowing when to walk away. Creating is for us all to get lost in something, express words, moods, feelings. Creating is life.”

Journey’s Eye Studio (131 Franklin Street)

Journey’s Eye Studio is proud to host Ben Lemons during the March First Thursday Art Walk.

“My name is Ben Lemons and I am thirty three years old. I have always had a love for drawing and painting. I am self-taught and the medium I use is oil and/or acrylic.”

The Customs House Museum (200 S. 2nd Street)

The Customs House Museum and Cultural Center is Tennessee’s second largest general interest museum. It features fine art, history, and children’s exhibits.

Women of the Neighborhood
March 1st–May 18th | Museum Lobby

In celebration of Women’s History Month, this exhibit will feature traditional costumes and artifacts from different cultures. The collection of items on display are from women from many countries and cultures who now call Clarksville home. The countries represented include South Korea, India and Jamaica, to name a few. Join us at the Museum to kick-off Women’s History Month on Sunday, March 1st, from 1:30pm–3:30pm for dance and music performances and native treats!

Wonders of the West
March 14th–May 31st | Kimbrough Gallery | Sponsored by Heimansohn Steel & Salvage

Wonders of the West features artwork and artifacts celebrating the Western region of the United States through scenic landscapes, Native American baskets and ACME boot products. Artwork included in the exhibit comes from the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia, as well as from many Tennessee artists.

The Artwork of HAPI (Healing Arts Project, Inc.)
March 21st–May 25th | Harvill Gallery

This exhibit features art by students of the Healing Arts Project, Inc. (HAPI) out of Nashville. Healing Arts Project, Inc. provides artistic opportunities for persons in mental health and addiction recovery to promote healing, community awareness and inclusion.

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Dunwody Boehm Porcelain Collection
Through May 3rd | Crouch Gallery | Sponsored by Fred & Judy Landiss

Edward Marshall Boehm, with no formal art training, started his porcelain studio in Trenton, New Jersey in 1950. The works he created have been collected by museums and other institutions throughout the world, including the White House, the Vatican and the Smithsonian Institute. Also, among his patrons were Britain’s Royal Family and several American presidents. We’ll celebrate the 25 year anniversary of the collection by displaying it in its entirety with an exhibition sponsored by Judy and Fred Landiss, founders of the Museum’s Dunwody Boehm Porcelain Collection.

Apron Strings: Ties to the Past
Through March 16th | Jostens Gallery

Apron Strings: Ties to the Past reviews the apron’s role as an emotionally charged vehicle for expression with a rich and varied craft history. Featuring aprons dating from the 1900s through the present, the exhibition chronicles changing attitudes toward women and domestic work. It also surveys the wide range of design and craft techniques apron-makers have used to express themselves, while still working within creative venues traditionally available to women. This is a program of ExhibitsUSA and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Reimagined Lore: The Art of Tara Swalgren
Through May 5th | Orgain Gallery

This animal-themed mixed media exhibition showcases the work of local artist and APSU graduate, Tara Swalgren. She is currently an art instructor at Madison Street Art & Music Academy in Clarksville. Swalgren explains, “I want to create these intricate and beautiful creatures that we only see and hear about in folk lore or our fantasies. I want to bring them into our reality, our view. To allow us to gaze upon something so fantastical that it can only be made through art.”

Have a Voice: Traveling Exhibition from Tennessee State Museum
Through March 29th | Kimbrough Gallery

The exhibition, on loan from the Tennessee State Museum, gives a snapshot of Tennessee’s rich African American musical heritage and its influence on worldwide music. The exhibit gives visitors a chance to hear the voices of the many Tennessee African American men and women who made their mark on American music from ragtime to Motown.

Serepta Jordan: From the Collection
Through March 31st | Lower Level Foyer

Serepta Mildred Jordan was born on January 27th, 1839 in New Providence, Tennessee. Jordan started a journal around 1857, when she was 18. She continued writing in her journal until 1864, close to the end of the Civil War. The journal, recently restored, is featured in the exhibition along with photos and a collection of Jordan’s personal belongings.

Sher Fick: Imitation of Life
Through March 30th | Bruner Gallery

Sher Fick brings her carefully crafted assemblages—works inspired by her spinal cord surgery. Fick was the inaugural artist at Seed Space for Experimental Art & Dialogue in Nashville, TN. Fick was one of nine female artists in TAKE CARE: Biomedical Ethics in the 21st Century, a traveling exhibition featured at The Pool Art Fair, during Art Basel–Miami and ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI. She has exhibited in select museum, solo, and juried exhibitions since 2001.


Edward’s Steakhouse (107 Franklin Street)

Come enjoy the best steaks in Clarksville in a relaxed atmosphere with live piano on Friday and Saturday night. We also offer Clarksville’s largest wine selection in town from around the world. 10% Military and APSU discount daily

Edward’s Steakhouse is proud host local artist Matt Vedder, during the March 2020 First Thursday Art Walk.

I started woodworking while stationed at Fort Irwin, California, building plaques for teammates as their going away gift. This was a purely voluntary thing where we re-purposed wood we harvested from furniture in training towns we used to prepare Army units for upcoming deployments.

Slowly, I started to expand my ability by trying new techniques and new projects, such as wood burning and farmhouse furniture construction.

After I retired and walked through a dark period of my life, I finally realized that God was pushing me towards woodworking and increasing my talents.

With the help of God and encouragement from friends, I slowly walked into the abyss of entrepreneurship and small business, to where I currently stand waist deep; pushing myself to new ideas and pursuing the what ifs and the I wonder if I can do that?

During the infancy of this endeavor, I used stains and paints to accent my work, and have since then found my style that I feel truly separates my craft from other talented woodworkers.

I now solely focus on exotic and indigenous hardwoods and allow the natural colors of the species and their grains capture and display what God created. It is my hope that this approach, along with my willingness to attempt a new technique or idea will set my work apart from others.

Stop in, see the art, listen to Jackson Miller on the piano and enjoy the Thursday night special, 1/2 priced $7.00 appetizers and 2 for 1 draft drink specials.

Clarksville Parks & Recreation (102 Public Square)

Clarksville Parks and Recreation is proud to host Shelby Stewart during the March 2020 First Thursday Art Walk.

I moved to Clarksville, TN, 3 years ago from Phoenix, AZ. I moved here to play Soccer at Austin Peay State University while studying for a Criminal Justice degree.

Through all of the stress of trying to juggle all of my responsibilities, I found a release through painting. From then on, I started decorating my own home with my artwork. I love getting to express myself through painting and make my thoughts reality! I always like to try new methods and continue to test myself in what I can create!


Art Link Studios (117 B Strawberry Alley)

ArtLink Studios will be featuring a variety art from our in-house artists. We will have music by our music program as well featuring a solo musician playing enjoyable background music while guests come in and enjoy the wall art. We will also be offering several art projects guests can do throughout the evening.

Mildred & Mable’s (109 Franklin Street)

Mildred and Mable’s is proud to support the March 2020 First Thursday Art Walk.

Stop in and check out a new look and all of the great gift and clothing options!

Couture Crush (101 Franklin Street)

Couture Crush is proud to support the March 2020 First Thursday Art Walk.

Stop in and find the perfect piece to spice up your Spring wardrobe , during the February First Thursday Art Walk!

Yada on Franklin (111 Franklin Street)

Yada on Franklin is proud to support the March 2020 First Thursday Art Walk, but will not feature an artist this month!

Hot Pita (136 Franklin Street Suite 100)

Hot Pita is proud to support the March 2020 First Thursday Art Walk, but will not feature an artist this month.

Rogate’s Boutique (115 Franklin Street)

Rogate’s Boutique will be open late and is proud to support the March 2020 First Thursday Art Walk, but will not feature an artist this month.

But, stop in and find something for your Fall wardrobe!


Downtown Commons (215 Legion Street)

The Downtown Commons will not feature an artist this month, but is proud to support the March 2020 First Thursday Art Walk.

Horsefeathers Pottery & Art Studio (94 Franklin Street)

Horsefeathers is a paint your own Pottery and Canvas Studio — Come discover the artist in you!

Horsefeathers is proud to support the March 2020 First Thursday Art Walk, but will not feature an artist this month.

Frozen Fuel (120 Strawberry Alley)

Frozen Fuel is a family owned ice cream parlor serving the Downtown Clarksville community and its visitors.

Frozen Fuel is thrilled to support the First Thursday Art Walk in March, but will not feature an artist this month.


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