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Clarksville City Councilperson Karen Reynolds – Ward 9 Newsletter, June 13th, 2022

Written by Karen Reynolds
Clarksville City Council – Ward 9

City of Clarksville - Ward 9Clarksville, TN – This year I attended the budget briefings and reviewed the budget. In full transparency, I am still struggling to learn the budget process presented by the mayor is not collaborative.

The first workshop was very tightly controlled and ended by the mayor before the council was prepared to begin asking questions.

The second workshop was canceled and several members requested that he reconsider we had questions and amendments to discuss, but our emails remained unanswered. The meeting on June 9th is the first time we as members of the council were able to discuss our amendments.
Overall, I am not pleased with the budget, we were presented with an 1100-page document, briefed and here we are. I do not believe the budget centers on the residents of our community, in a year of the historical influx of federal dollars we did not increase the money for our transportation plan or Parks and Recreation as an example.
Your voice matters, please review the information below and share your thoughts and comments. Feel free to cut and paste portions of the letter but be sure to send your note to the entire council, we vote on Tuesday, June 14th.
1. I am including two links: The full budget and the first reading of the budget
2. The budget includes a 5% wage increase and increased pay to $15 per for most entry level employees
3. FY 22 the tax rate was raised by .20 to $1.23
4. Reviewing the budget: $1 Million = 2.78 pennies of taxes
5. The budget includes – I would like to hear for you regarding these proposals.
a. $1 Million donation to Wings of Liberty Museum on Fort Campbell-matched by county and $20 Million from the state
b. $1.5 Million to the Airport to expand their storage-matched by the county
c. I continue to hear from the community that city residents are taxed 2-3 times when the city matches project funding.
6. The funding for Tier 1 projects of the Transportation Plan was decreased, we voted for $.20 increase to pay so the amount should be more:
Transfer to +Penny Penny’s
Traffic 2020 Value Transferred
FY22 5,267,035 345,000 15.27
FY23 5,267,035 360,000 14.63

Link to Budget Hearing and Agenda June 9th, 2022

Link to City Budget – 2023


Budget Amendments presented:

1. Parks and Recreation:  North Clarksville Community Center –Allen
a. Transfer of 28,600 to Parks and Rec
b. To create a Community Center utilizing the schools
c. Passed I voted Yes
2. Amendments to Fund Sidewalks to Schools
a. Transfer Capital Fund Project from the Parking Deck at City Hall to fund Sidewalks to schools –Zacharias
b. Reynolds – Second attempt: Add $1.4 million to capital projects designated for school sidewalks 
c. The Amendment: Transfer $6 million to a specific line item to fund sidewalks to schools
d. I voted Yes – Both Failed 
e. The City of Clarksville approved a $20 million project 
f. The state is providing a tax-free zone for a private/public parking garage with 760 spaces
g. In the budget there is $75,000 for a parking study.
h. My reasoning
-We should wait for the current construction and traffic study before funding a 3rd project 
-The sidewalk ordinance does not take into consideration that Schools serve as green spaces, parks, playgrounds, Civic Centers, emergency shelters and hospitals grounds for the community.  
-3-school campus services 4,000 people daily
-I met with the CFO, Chair of the Parking Commission, and the Parking Manager because I did not understand why we are adding a 3rd parking project
-CMCSS has made heroic contributions to our community during the pandemic and our recovery, this would send a message that we see them and as a community support them.
-The requirement for parents to provide transportation has increased from 1 to 1.5 miles from the school with a lack of sidewalks.

-I was surprised by my colleagues who voted against this indicating a third parking are in our downtown is more important, the schools should work to apply for more grants, and we have sidewalks in the budget. Our schools should not be responsible for cleaning up the mess made by growth.
3. Unfund Wings of Liberty transfer to Traffic 2020+ – Butler
a. The budget includes $1 million donation to museum 
b. Original amendment only defunded, I amended the Amendment to state it would be transferred to Traffic 2020+ raising funding to 17.4 pennies 
c. Karen Reynolds – Presented Amendment to the Amendment
d. Our city gave $500,000 to the museum matched by county.  Per the conversation they have retained some of that original donation.
e. Failed I voted YES
f. I do not oppose the Museum, but this is an opportunity to fund our growth. 
4. Combine Municipal Properties and Building Facilities Maintenance into one Department –Butler
a. Failed I voted No
b. I have several questions regarding this amendment
c. I voted no because we were not able to constructively discuss this change and I do not have enough information.
d. There is not change to the budget, this can be addressed at a City Council Meeting
5. Unfund Non-Profits –Butler
a. Remove the funding for Roxy – 185,085; Customs House Museum-1,013,344; Arts and Heritage: 71,000
b. Failed I Voted No
c. I spoke to the Director of Roxy, this is a decrease in the amount from last year and will support paying for 2 additional employees as they plan the Performing Arts Center and benefits for the staff.  
d. The Arts and Theater of a community are important
6. Unfund Golf Courses – Butler
a. Failed I voted NO
b. In full transparency, this was proposed last year as well, I am not opposed to the consideration of closing one of the Golf Courses, but it must be done methodically and working directly with Parks and Recreation.  I don’t want to lose the property to developers.
Park                         Cost                    Revenue
Mason Rudolph    $    507,468
Swan Lake      $1,222,570
Golf Revenue                            $792,650
Net Increase to General Fund:    $937,388
7. Create Capital Project – Crossland Ave Greenway and Multi Use Path – Reynolds
a. Budget FY 2023 – $350,000 
b. Addition to Capital Project:  $4.8 Million over the next 5 years.
c. Failed – I voted YES
d. Crossland Ave is an approved Greenway in the 2015 plan
e. This area was in our ward until we rezoned, it is a legacy neighborhood.
f. The project will connect 4 parks, 3,200 residents, 3 public schools and the library.
g. The past proposal is one side of the road and will be 2.54 miles.
h. This amendment request and engineering design to support the requests for property set asides as this are experiences infill and growth.  There are grant opportunities and developers that are willing to support the multi-use path if it is properly documented.
8. Tree Inventory –Reynolds
a. Tree Inventory Software – $49,500
b. This inventory has been requested for he past 10 years
c. Failed, I voted YES
d. A canopy will show the areas shaded by trees and is generated by an arial view.  The difference between a canopy study and tree inventory captures data to include each tree, location, species, age, condition and recommend actions.  This can not be conducted by volunteers.
e. With our unprecedented growth and infill we need to have a realistic view of our trees, from the ground up to the canopy.
f. The Canopy study conducted in 2015 indicated that Clarksville lost 19.7% green surfaces and there was a gain of 8.4% surface that is compacted or covered with material that is resistant to infiltration of water such as rooftops, driveways, concrete, or asphalt paving.

I am sorry my note for the June 2nd meeting is late, I got very busy trying to figure out the budget.  I am grateful to the residents in our community for attending the RPC and City Council Meetings, your voices made a difference in the rezoning cases on Needmore and Thrush.

Planning Commission – Zoning Ordinance

AG Agricultural District
C-2 General Commercial District
C-5: Highway & Arterial Commercial District
M-3 Planned Industrial District
O-1 Office District
R-1 Single Family Residential District
R-2 Single Family Residential District
R-3 Three Family Residential District
R-4 Multiple Family Residential District
R-6 Single Family Residential District
ORD 122-2021– located at the eastern terminus of Cave Springs Rd from R-1 to R-4 
RPC: Staff Disapproval/Approval – Mr. Reda requested a deferral
ORD 123-2021-22 located at the intersection of Rossview Rd & Powell Rd from R-1 to C-2 / R-4 
Failed I voted NO
ORD 124-2021-22 located at the intersection of Professional Park Dr & Stowe Ct from R-4 to PUD Planned Unit Development
Passed I voted No
This PUD only met minimum requirements and I did not feel it gave back to the community they were building in.
ORD 125-2021-22 located at the intersection of S. Riverside Dr & Barker St from C-2 to C-5 
Failed I voted No
ORD 126-2021-22 Located at the intersection of Greenwood Ave & Woodard St from R-3 /R-4 to R-6
Currently large enough to allow R3
Passed I voted Yes
6. ORD 127-2021-22 Located at the intersection of Paradise Hill Rd & Seay Ct from R-2 to R-6 
Passed I voted Yes
ORD 128-2021-22 Located at the intersections of Spring St & McClure St and McClure St & Wilcox St from M-1 to CBD Central Business
Passed I Voted Yes
A circa 1850 tobacco warehouse it has been heavily altered overtime and is currently being used as a nightclub. Current zoning of M1 is no longer viable in this area. CBD would allow for mixed use redevelopment, and this would be an extension of the CBD from the West and east.
ORD 129-2021-22 Located at the intersection of Kennedy Ln & Heatherwood Trace from AG to R-2 
Passed I voted NO
ORD 130-2021-22 located at the intersection of Carpenter St & Ford St from R-3 to R-6 
Passed I voted NO
ORD 131-2021-22 located at the intersection of Powers St & Peach St from R-4 to R-6 
Passed I voted Yes
ORD 132-2021-22 located at the intersection of SR 374 & Pea Ridge Rd and the eastern terminus of Del Ray Dr from C-5 to R-4 
Failed I voted NO
ORD 133-2021-22  located at the intersection of Old Russellville Pike Hickory Trace Rd from R-1 to C-5 
Passed I voted YES

ORD 134-2021-22  located at the intersection of Madison St & Denny Rd from C-5 to R-4 
Passed I voted YES
ORD 135-2021-22  located at the intersection of Needmore Rd & Thrush Dr from R-1 to R-5 
Failed I voted NO
ORD 136-2021-22  located at the intersection of Trenton Rd & Needmore Rd from C-5 to R-4 
Failed I voted NO
ORD 137-2021-22  An ORD amending the City Zoning ORD of the City of Clarksville, Tennessee, as it pertains to updates to R-2A and R-6
Passed I voted YES
RES 69-2021-22 A Resolution accepting the Public Improvement Program for Fiscal Years 2022-2023 through 2026-2027 compiled by the City of Clarksville and approved by the Clarksville-Montgomery County Regional Planning Commission
Passed I voted YES

All items on the consent agenda passed 

New Business

RES 65-2021-22 A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Clarksville,
Tennessee approving an economic impact plan for the Vulcan Plant development area and
adopting designated development area policies and procedures 
Deferred.  I am working on a budget amendment to include affordable housing.
ORD 121-21-22  An ORD submitting to the qualified voters of the City of Clarksville the question of whether the City shall adopt home rule Councilperson Butler, Finance: Disapproval
Passed I voted Yes
ORD 138-2021-22  An ORD of the City of Clarksville authorizing the Mayor, or his designee to conduct negotiations and to enter an agreement for purchase and acquisition of easements and/or property rights for a public purpose for the Greenwood Avenue sidewalk project. 
Passed I voted Yes

RES 62-2021-22 A Resolution authorizing Mayor Pitts to file with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the City of Clarksville FY 2022-2023 Annual Action Plan, and the FY 2022-2023 application for community development block grant funds and home investments partnership program funds Neighborhood & Community Services
Passed I voted Yes
ORD 120-2021-22  An ORD amending Title 2 of the Official City Code to delete sub-paragraph (3) under section 2-108 and delete sub-paragraphs (2) and (3) under section 2-208. 
Passed I voted YES
RES 63-2021-22 A Resolution requesting the Regional Planning Commission study the manner in which tow in lots and wrecker services are handled in the zoning code and return an ORD for consideration by the Clarksville City Council Councilperson Zacharias
ORD 119-2021-22  An ORD amending the Official Code of the City of Clarksville Relative to Short Term Rentals Councilperson Butler
Failed I voted NO
RES 68-2021-22 A Resolution to repeal RESOLUTION 51-2020-21 expressing the sense of the Council in regard to Lance Baker in his position of City Attorney for the City of Clarksville Councilperson Butler
Failed I voted NO

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