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Montgomery County Animal Care asks everyone to Adopt, Don’t Shop this Holiday Season

MCACC urges careful consideration before getting a pet

Montgomery County Animal Care and ControlMontgomery County, TN – Montgomery County Animal Care and Control requests help from the community again this holiday season.

Shelters across the country receive a high volume of dog and cat intakes from January through March from individuals who give or get pets as gifts for Christmas and no longer want the responsibility of caring for them.

People often seek new pets online, at pet stores, or from breeders during the holiday season.

Dave Kaske urges people to take their time and think about the commitment before jumping in and bringing a pet into their home.

Consider the following before adopting or purchasing a pet:

  1. Most dogs and cats live between 10-25 years, depending on the breed and species.
  2. Dogs and cats can cost between $500.00 to $1,500 per year to maintain regular vet visits, food, toys, etc. Pets with preexisting conditions can cost even more. 
  3. Discuss taking on a pet with the entire family and make the decision together.
  4. Ensure those around the pet often are not allergic or afraid of animals.
  5. Small children need supervision around pets at all times.
  6. We strongly discourage adopting a pet as a Christmas gift.
  7. Most importantly, give your newly adopted pet time to acclimate to your family and home. 

“We have many homeless pets in our facility, and the holidays are hard on them too. If you’ve decided to take in a new pet, please consider giving a home to one of our wonderful shelter animals. Their lives have drastically changed over the last several months, and they need a warm and loving forever home. Animals adopted from shelters have proven to make some of the best pets. Adopt, don’t shop,” Kaske encourages. 

For information on Montgomery County Animal Care and Control, visit https://mcgtn.org/animal-control or call 931-648-5750.

About Montgomery County Animal Care and Control

Montgomery County Animal Care and ControlThe mission of Montgomery County Animal Care and Control is to promote and enforce the humane treatment of our animal population as well as a dedication to rabies eradication, reducing animal euthanasia and controlling the pet population through a cooperative effort with the community.

Montgomery County Animal Care and Control continues to strive to be a well-respected community leader and primary source for the optimal care and protection of animals and people in Montgomery County.

Our mission is accomplished through working in compliance with state and local regulations; cooperation with area Veterinary clinics, animal organizations, and animal rescue groups; advancing community and staff education and by serving for the protection, welfare and adoption of animals.

You can contact Montgomery County Animal Care and Control by phone at 931.648.5750. MCAC is located at 616 North Spring Street, Clarksville, TN 37040.

You can visit their website at www.mcgtn.org/animal-control


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