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Queen City College to Close in 2025 due to Governmental Regulations

Queen City CollegeClarksville, TN – After more than 40 years in business, it is with extreme heartbreak that Queen City College, LLC must announce that we are closing. Our end date is scheduled for the beginning of 2025; we are aware that the release of this information seems soon.

To ensure that all our students can complete their programs of study, our acceptance of students will be affected. We will accept enrollments into the Barber and Cosmetology programs through August 1st, 2023, * the Esthetics Program through May 7th, 2024,* and the Nail Tech program through June 4th, 2024.* We will continue to serve all our clients until further notice.

*Enrollment Dates are subject to change.

Upcoming governmental regulations have forced us to make this gut-wrenching decision. We will be mandated to meet new, unattainable benchmarks set for traditional colleges and universities. We are a small family-owned business that averages around a hundred students and will now be compared to traditional colleges and universities, which average tens of thousands of students. These new required “metrics” are impossible benchmarks that we painstakingly will never be able to meet. 

This decision has been, unfortunately, in the making and one that was not made half-heartedly. Our lives have revolved around Queen City College, LLC, and understanding that it is going to be gone is devastating, to say the least. We will NOT allow our amazing legacy to end by being closed by the United States Government and the Department of Education for failing to obtain DISPROPORTIONATE metrics. Queen City College, LLC did not fail; our government failed US. 

We have met, taught, helped, and nurtured SO many students over the past 40 years. It is mind-blowing. We are humbled to have had the opportunity to help you along your journey into a lifetime career. We are so PROUD of each student’s individual accomplishments. We value and will cherish each one of you – your stories will be told within our family forever. THANK YOU.

We want to THANK all our loyal customers who have supported our institution and students and have become our family as well. We will MISS seeing each of you regularly. 

Queen City College, LLC is a family-owned business; it is impossible to count and name all the family members who have worked for us throughout our journey, not to mention the friends who have worked with us and have now become our FAMILY. 

To all the government regulators trying to make “things better,” – thank you for FORCING our decision to close the most wonderful vocational school in Clarksville.

As we know, all good things must come to an end. We have had an incredible ride and want to end on the right note. While this is the most heartbreaking decision we will ever have to make, we hold our heads HIGH, knowing that we are closing on our OWN terms. 

Our Founder, Ralph Payne, and his wife, Laura Payne, have given every ounce of themselves to this institution. They have worked endlessly to ensure that the mission of the institution, written by Laura Payne,” dedicated to educating quality graduates who are able to meet both the present and future demands of the barber and beauty profession.  Each student who is admitted to Queen City College, LLC receives not only individualized instruction and exposure to technical skills and equipment but also adequate opportunities for growth. Graduates are knowledgeable in all aspects of their desired program and be confident and able to fulfill all State Board requirements,” has always been followed. Confirmation of their hard work is the many, many graduates, the successful operation of the institution for over 40 years, and the positive impact on the Clarksville area and surrounding communities.


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