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Tennessee State Democratic Party Designated Early Vote Dates 2006

Democratic Party LogoWith fewer than 20 days remaining until the beginning of early voting, Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Bob Tuke would like to remind everyone of the importance of turning out voters. “The ground game is where the rubber meets the road this fall,” Tuke said. “We have to work hard, work together, and work smart to win these elections for our candidates. You are the best defense against the baseless attacks that will be leveled against our candidates.” And you don’t have to wait for the campaigns to contact your family, your friends, and the other voters in your neighborhood.

October 18  – Women’s Day

October 19  – People with Disabilities

October 20 – Nurses

October 21  – TEA/Teachers

October 23  – OPEN

October 24  – State Employees

October 25  – Veterans Day

October 26  – Environment

October 27  – OPEN

October 28  – Labor Day

October 30  – OPEN

October 31  -Seniors

November 1  – Students

November 2  – Church Day



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