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Christmas Poetry

Christmas frog courtesy of http://www.animalden.com/Christ was born in a manger
He was sent from heaven
Rose from the grave on the third day
Instructed people on how they should live
Showed people how they should pray
The Son of God
Merciful to all
Ascended to His throne in heaven
Savior of all mankind


Three magi searching for the Christ child
Bearing gifts of frankincense, and myrrh
Three in one – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
On a lonely hill, three wooden crosses
Three men, two thieves and one of innocence
A nail for each hand and a nail for the feet, a total of three
Three days later, Christ rising from the grave
Faith, hope, and love – the way it had to be

Sandy Shirley
Sandy Shirley
I am 40 years old and a senior at Austin Peay State University. I am majoring in English and also have a minor in  Writing. My interests include reading, writing, playing games, watching movies, and anything to do with FROGS!!

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