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Ann Coulter: Poster Child of America’s Political Commentators

Ann CoulterWell, it has been a few days but there’s still quite a bit of hubbub about Anne Coulter implying, yes implying not outright stating, that hopeful John Edwards is a “faggot” igniting a firestorm of criticism from both Republicans and Democrats alike. Consider the entirety of Coulter’s speech, however. Other high points include ridiculing Al Gore (in regards to his weight), criticism of Senator Clinton (her most rational comments of the night, as they could be construed as legitimate criticism), and a rather lengthy section on Barrack Obama (whom she called something to the effect of Barrack Osama) and his family heritage. When taken in that context are Coulter’s comments about Edwards anything other than normal? Not really. The woman does it for a living as the Republican equivalent to Michael Moore and Al Franken (who, incidentally are just as bad as Coulter). So, certainly, by all means, get rid of Ann Coulter, but do it in a manner that will actually work.

I recently received electronic mail from a friend of mine encouraging people to write to the companies responsible for bringing Coulter’s venomous rhetoric into the public and encourage those companies to end their relationship with Coulter. The suggestion is actually a great idea. The media operates in a free market (or at least, in name) meaning that as long as Coulter attracts significant attention and makes them money she will continue to be featured by various media. The best method of getting rid of Coulter, and coincidentally all the other two-bit venomous commentators of America, is to convince the people that air their rhetoric that it would be in their economic best interests to sever their ties with them. Of course, a necessary corollary to this plan is to stop paying attention to the likes of Coulter, or to make a joke on Coulter’s own words, let her encourage us to conserve energy when we see her on TV by cutting it off and ignoring her.

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James Butler is a student at Austin Peay State University pursuing a double major in both Chemistry and French. On campus he is particularly active with the Gay Straight Alliance and also somewhat less so with the AP Playhouse. Politically, he is often described as a libertarian, although he would personally affiliate himself with Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism.

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