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Toys “R” Us beautiful baby contest and other pictures

The Clarksville, TN Toys “R” UsLast Saturday, Toys “R” Us together with Clarksville Online and other local sponsors held a beautiful baby contest. We had requested information needed to write an article from our liaison at Toys “R” Us and did not receive it. We needed for them to provide a list of entrants, the list of official winners, and a copies of the photographs that the Toys “R” Us photographers took of each baby. We had hoped to have our story written and published the next day, instead we spent the last week waiting for a response from them and did not receive it. So we are going to go ahead and publish the pictures that we took at the Clarksville Toys “R” Us on that day.

If we published a picture that you are personally in, feel free to contact us, identify the picture, and we will be happy to send you the full resolution copy so that you may get prints of the image. Family and friends should contact the people in the pictures. We apologize for the lack of other information, and for the delay however it was totally beyond our control.

The contest

Sign in Switching Sign-in Clerks

A contestant

Signing in A happy baby girl

A happy baby girl A happy baby girl 

A mother and her three children Another happy baby girl 

Mom recovering her child

The ideal family A happy baby boy 

Mom watching protectively over her son Mom trying to make her son laugh

Mom and son afterwards

A happy boy A happy boy

Mother, Son, and Grandmother

The Judging

Shoppers and staff

Woman holding a toy she is about to purchase

Mother and son shopping for kites Discussing the merit of various toys

Shopping for birthday cards Dedicated staff

A happy birthday group

Bill Larson
Bill Larson
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