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All eyes on the South as historic Presidential Debates draw near

With two presidential debates being staged in the South, southern universities are being given unprecedented national exposure. The October 7 Presidential Debate will mark Belmont University and Tennessee’s elevation onto the presidential election stage.

The evening of September 26 will be a busy one with two important political events in Montgomery County. The Women For Obama 19th Amendment Anniversary House Party will be followed by the 1st Presidential Debate Watch Party.

This year’s Presidential Debate at the University of Mississippi marks an historic development in U.S. presidential elections political history. This is the first time for the staging of a presidential debate in the state of Mississippi.

Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain will appear live to debate issues of concern to the American public in Ole Miss’ Gertrude C. Ford Center in Oxford, Mississippi. The debate will be moderated by Jim Lehrer, executive editor and anchor of The NewsHour on PBS. This debate will focus on foreign policy and national security.

Tennessee steps into the national political spotlight on October 7th. On that date, Belmont University will host the second 2008 presidential debate, a town hall setting, to be moderated by Tom Brokaw, special correspondent for NBC News. Both events are being staged primarily as prime time television viewing events. Belmont University is hosting special a pre-debate dialogue and symposiums in advance of the Sept. 26th evening debate. Both universities are giving their students priority for any on-site seats. Belmont is anticipating a 3,000 person audience for its event. Both schools have issued press releases declaring that they have no control over the limited number of tickets to the debates.

Locally, on Sept. 26th, at 8 PM, the Montgomery County Democratic Party Headquarters will serve as host site for a “Presidential Debate” Watch Party. The party headquarters is located at 534 Madison Street, at the corner of Madison Street and University Drive, across from the Madison Street Church of Christ. The House Party is open to the public. To confirm seating or for more information call (931) 552-9076 or visit the website at: <www.ClarksvilleForObama.com> Volunteer food and drink donations will be appreciated.

Volunteer support opportunities are available at all levels. For more information on volunteering with the Montgomery County Democratic Party, call (931) 552-5523 or visit the party headquarters. For Obama/Biden campaign volunteer information, call (931) 553-9076 or visit their website at: <www.ClarksvilleForObama.com> General election and Obama presidential campaign yard signs, bumper stickers and buttons are also available at the party headquarters.



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