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Late night ramblings on the state of V.P. contender Sarah Palin

All research (that follows) is my own, although I hope the ideals I present are shared by most. Many of these questions have been asked before and are not original. I see McCain/Palin bumper stickers everywhere and I am getting scared, so I had to type out some things I had on my mind to see if I’m crazy or just alone in this state of confusion. It’s way past my bedtime so please excuse the grammar. No reply is necessary; I just had to get it off my chest, but I would like to know what everyone I took the time to send this to thinks about the following. So, if you would humor me for a moment, help me understand this:

Sarah Palin has stated she believes in a literal translation of the Bible; a literal translation of the Bible dates creation of the Earth at 4000 B.C. Is the U.S. prepared to elect someone who truly believes dinosaurs became extinct only 6000 years ago? Forget the fact that science has proven the age of the Earth to be in the billions of years through countless (independent of each other) disciplines. Is the U.S. prepared to give the nuclear launch codes to someone who cannot pronounce the word ‘nuclear’ and refuses to believe in the science that created it?

Sarah Palin stated that it was God’s will to have a pipeline in Alaska; she followed this statement by asking a church full of followers to pray for its manifestation. I may be wrong because I admit I am not a Bible scholar, but it has been my understanding that God’s design for the planet was perfect to begin with and ever since sin man has only been able to ruin it with greater ease. Wouldn’t that include destroying thousands of square miles to drill for oil? Shouldn’t a Christian ask in their prayers to end man’s destruction of the Earth and not to increase it?

Sarah Palin supports making abortions of all sorts illegal under all circumstances, yet when asked up front about it in an interview with Katie Couric she was unable to defend her position other than to say she would advise the hypothetical worst case scenario woman/girl not to seek an abortion. If you stand for something, stand strong, state your case and stand by it. This sort of political meandering is surely a sign of things to come. She supported a bill while mayor that makes rape victims pay for their own rape kits while under the care of the public health system(getting raped in Sarah Palin world= $1200 and 20 to life for an abortion, electing an idiot= Priceless). Is this the sort of compassion America needs in a leader?

When Katie Couric asked Sarah Palin what periodicals she has read that have influenced her world view, first she replied that she had read them again (therefore at least twice), then afterward when asked to give an example said “uh… all of them, uh… any of them” and was unable to give a single example after an awkward moment of silence followed by a diversion about Alaska not being a foreign country…? WHAT? I have heard rhetoric like this before usually immediately followed by my saying in a loud voice “LIAR!” Really, if you cannot answer the question, ‘what magazines do you read’ honestly, what else are you going to lie about?

Sarah Palin supports Hamas seriously? She would rather say Hamas needs our support before admitting she doesn’t know what it is? This makes a good leader? Since when is more obfuscation what Americans need?

Basic Geography: You can see Russia from the outermost Alaskan Islands

While commenting on what qualifies her having ‘foreign policy’ experience by way of Alaska’s proximity to Russia, Sarah Palin explained that she could actually see Russia from Alaska. What? So I have seen dozens of countries; does that mean I have dozens of times more experience than Sarah Palin? By her definition it does. If she bases her qualification to be V.P. on such nonsense can we trust her judgment about accepting the nomination for V.P.?

In a discussion about whether or not the U.S. has the right to invade Pakistan to stop Al Queda without the approval of their government, Sarah Palin said she would not even blink before she invaded. This was actually in complete contradiction to John McCain, whose platform has been not to invade without prior approval and should in no way be acceptable to the American people. Are we about to elect a V.P. who thinks we have the right to invade any sovereign nation in the world without blinking?

Sarah Palin spent 48 million dollars on a road that literally goes nowhere! Yet she gave her speech dozens of times claiming to have championed the fight against useless spending: is it ignorance or boldface lying? Which is worse?

Unfortunately, we should all know where this is headed. After eight years of leadership(or something), Bush has brought the U.S. success and pride in the Justice system, Iraq, the writ of habeas corpus, the hunt for Osama bin Laden, the hurricane Katrina disaster, preventing terrorism, the economy, torture, interpretation of the constitution, and general overall prosperity and good fortune across the globe (when was the last time Americans were so well liked?). If Sarah Palin, oops, I mean when Sarah Palin becomes President I am sure more great successes just like these are in store for Americans and the rest of the world, God bless.

70 is the new 40, vote Mccain 08!

Christian Pierce
Christian Pierce served over three years in combat as a non-commissioned Army officer in Afghanistan and Iraq. "I have lost dozens of friends to this ‘war’ and I promise, after being a successful Non-commissioned officer awarded with an honorable discharge from service in the U.S. Army, I know the cost of freedom, and I know it better than most." Christian is the proud father of a lovely daughter and is a full time student at Austin Peay State University.

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