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Hysteria over Barack Obama’s birth certificate escalates to lunacy

obama-birth-certificateThe continuing hysteria about President-Elect Barack Obama’s birth certificate has surfaced in Montgomery County in very disturbing ways. Comments to a news story about the Illinois Gov. Blagojevich have leaked over to include this subject. With all the evidence which has been presented on the matter, it defies logic that people are still clinging to these specious claims.

Hawaii birth certificates are not public records, as they are in other states. The Hawaiian Health Dept. Director and Registrar of Vital Statistics have verified that the health department holds Obama’s original birth certificate. Furthermore, they have verified that he was born in Hawaii, and is a natural born US citizen. Lastly, Hawaii state law bars release of a certified copy of a birth certificate to anyone who does not have a tangible interest in it.

This should silence all these calls for Mr. Obama to produce his original birth certificate. He can’t, because he, like every other US citizen, does not have their original birth certificate. That document is an official record filed with their state’s office of vital statistics. Tennessee is no different. You can request a copy, certified or non-certified, but the original birth certificate is filed with the state.

As a certified copy was presented and rejected by naysayers, I doubt any further effort will be taken by Mr. Obama in this regard. Facts were presented and rejected by supposedly logical minds.

There is simply no satisfying some disgruntled people. This is tragic. Some of these same people also doubt Senator McCain’s citizenship. They claim since he was born in Panama, he is not a US citizen. Fact: He was born in the Panama Canal Zone, which was a US territory at the time, and thus was US soil. John McCain is a US citizen, natural born and qualified to hold public office, including the presidency. Same as President-Elect Barack Obama. Why hasn’t the major media outlets resolved this false crisis? They know the facts and could dispel this feeding frenzy in short work.

It is time to end this lunacy. There are serious issues confronting our nation. Our failing economy, crumbling infrastructure, health care system, education system, social security stability, battling terrorism, the development of alternative energy and fuels, the continuing housing mortgage failure crisis, and rising unemployment are all worthy of our combined attention. Let’s focus our attention on these matters and be about making our nation once again respected, resilient and prosperous. “Stop the Madness!”



  1. We have had two recent comments on this old post, so I want to post a comment on it before I turn off commenting on this article for good.

    If as some would have you believe that Obama is not an natural born American citizen, you have a conspiracy bigger than the one that some people believe was behind the Kennedy assassination Indeed it pales in comparison.

    It requires that all those who would have verified Obama’s eligibility for office during his public service career are a part of the conspiracy.

    It would assume that this fact was either not discovered during the investigation process required for the security clearance needed for the sensitive positions he held during his time in the Senate, or that his investigators were a part of some kind of conspiracy. As part of these investigations they must verify:

    Independent certification of date and place of birth received directly from appropriate registration authority.

    Subject must be a U.S. citizen. Independent verification of citizenship received directly from appropriate registration authority. For foreign-born immediate family members, verification of citizenship or legal status is also required.

    It would also assume if what these conspiracy theorists believe is true, that Senator McCain deliberately chose to not use his greatest weapon in his oft times vicious campaign against Barack Obama. The simple fact that he did not raise the issue shows that his campaign did not agree that there is substance to the claims that there are issues with Obama’s birth status.

    It would assume that every member of the electoral college is a part of this vast conspiracy. It’s a part of their job to verify the eligibility of a person before appointing them a candidate to the office they seek.

    So when you weigh all of this it makes these people claiming that Obama is not an natrual born citizen seem to be kinda out there…

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