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Food Drive to benefit Loaves and Fishes

cansLoaves and Fishes serves between 150-200 meals to the hungry six days a week and distributes food to area agencies through volunteer efforts. So their need of continued support and donations is greatly needed.

President-elect Obama started his career by serving Chicago communities struggling with tough economic times. He saw what could be achieved when ordinary people organized and worked together and that idea was at the core of this campaign.

In keeping with the theme that President-elect Obama and Vice President-elect Biden have set for the up coming inauguration, “Renewing America’s Promise”, people across the country have been invited to mark this historic occasion with a renewed commitment to service in their own communities.

During the days leading up to the Presidential Inauguration thousands of grassroots organizations, community groups and agencies will participate in National Day of Service events across the nation.

On January 17th, you can be part of a movement that will stretch from coast to coast, bringing together people from all walks of life acting as one nation, with a common purpose.



  1. I think it’s great that people can and hopefully will give food to this great cause.
    But I think the people of Clarksville also need to think about other things that these people in need has to over come besides being hungry.
    Like not having a any help in paying their rent,electric,water and so on..
    I lost my job right before christmas and haven’t had any luck finding or getting any kind of work .My money is gone,I’ve pawn everything the pawn shop would take and still haven’t found a place to help me in my time of need.. Believe me when I say that there is not any agency out in Clarksville that will help you from becoming Homeless.
    I’ve ask all the agencies that I know of for help and they don’t have any MONEY!!!!
    So before I lose everything and become homeless myself, I thought I’d post my opinion..
    If I’m wrong about no help in Clarksville,I hope someone will tell me.
    So if your doing good in these tough times,” PLEASE GIVE MONEY” to these agencies.

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