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Sometimes you just know what right is

And sometimes, whether you believe in your Higher Power as God above or by some other name, you have to reflect on the moment and ask yourself ‘which path do I choose?’

This story is not about self promotion, so please do not take it that way.  I write this while I am filled with the spirit and knowing that I have helped a Family in need.  That in and of itself is worth more than any commission check in my humble opinion.

Like many Realtors who work on harnessing the power of the internet I find that the spam email I receive is a bit large.  Going through this on the road and on the blackberry is just not possible so I delete anything that looks close to it and wait till I get to the office or home to give further inspection.

Before I go any further, let me go back in time to Monday afternoon here in Clarksville.  It was a beautiful evening to say the least and Pam and I were out back discussing how we wanted to improve our outdoor living area as well as enjoying our Koi in the ponds.  We continually heard sirens and horns going off across the woods from us.  I looked up and noticed a black, billowing cloud coming from the distance.  I knew that something was on fire but figured it was a brush fire got out of hand and went on about my business.

Step forward to about an hour ago.  I just got home and said goodbye to Pam as she was headed to the office to write up an offer for some clients.  Went to my email to separate the ‘wheat from the chafe’ and noticed one that was titled ‘Rental Properties Available’.  I opened it and read the plight of a Family in need.  Again, like most who market their services via the internet the first thing I thought was just another scammer but I went on.

Something about the way it was written told me that this did not come from Africa or wherever those folks are that want to give us a million dollars and buy every property in town.  Anyway, while many Realtors don’t care to mess with rental properties other than to pass off to a rental agency I felt the urgency in the text and figured I would run a search with the information given – NOTHING.

I ran using different parameters and happened upon a home that I had inquired about for yet another couple a couple months prior.  The home was not available back then and was not sure if it was available now, but it met the schools and the area.  The young lady had left a number so I called to see what I could do to assist (if anything) and to get some more information.

As she answered, I could hear the stress in her voice and knew immediately that the rental request was sincere.  We spoke for a few moments and she mentioned what had happened.  I told her that I was sorry for the loss and asked her where and when it occurred.  Okay, by now you either know what happened or are wondering what the heck he is talking about.  Well, as it was, the black billowing cloud that Pam and I had noticed in the distance was not a brush fire, but rather the  hopes and dreams of a young Army Family going up in flames.

Bought only a couple months prior the Family had spent time renovating the property prior to their PCS to Fort Campbell this month.  Pam and I were not the agents for either party nor  do I know how it came about that they contacted Pam and I but I knew after speaking with her that I had to help this Family and had to do so in a hurry.

Thanks to many days and nights of interacting with other agents within Clarksville and surrounding communities, we have built a great network.  The first order of business was to send out a text via Twitter and then onto Facebook.  Even then, the home I mentioned before kept coming to mind, but I still pressed.

Within an instant of my last network blast my phone rang and it was the Realtor and owner of the property I had inquired about for a couple months past.  She told me that the property was available now and went on to describe some last minute items that needed to be done.  I let her finish and then told the story and told her that I knew that God had put this task before me.  She knew exactly the home I was speaking of and said that her heart had gone out to the young couple as well.  At that point I asked her if it would be alright should I give her number to the couple so that they could work direct as time was of the essence.  She agreed and said she would gladly pay a referral should this work out – I simply stated that was not necessary.

I called the couple back and discussed the home again with them.  They had thought about what I had said and agreed that if the home was available it would meet every aspect but size that they needed.  They thanked me and I told them to call on us.  I truly hope that all works out for them and that they can rebuild their dreams soon.

I know that it is customary for a referral fee to be given, and would not be surprised if the listing agent/owner did so, but I will simply turn it into a gift card from Lowes for this couple.

Sorry for the long story, but I felt I must share with you all.  The Lord above works in mysterious ways – we all know this.  Sometimes you just know was right is.

Tim Cash
Tim Cashhttp://www.cashsofclarksville.com
Retired First Sergeant.  Served with the 101st and the 160th SOAR(A).  Spent 16 of my 20 years in the Army in Clarksville/Fort Campbell.  Married to Pamela Ann and have one daughter Ashley.  I am passionate about our city and our great country. I am a Realtor along with my wife Pam here in Clarksville.  Also serve on a non-profit association board.  Beyond that, I enjoy working in the yard and practicing the art of keeping Nishikigoi (Koi Carp)

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