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Sacrificial Pooh

005resizeThe imaginary stage of a young child’s life should be a fun one for parents, not make them uncomfortable. The Elle-Girl has taken to a frequent event of what appears to be a sacrificial display of her beloved Pooh Bear. The scene begins like this: First Pooh is retrieved from his post on her bed to an open area on the floor. He is laid on his side, as if he is sleeping. Nothing strange about this. Typical even. Pooh could just be resting, it could be nap time, he could even just be laying on his side to get a different view of the room, or to search for dust bunnies under the couch. What happens next is the slightly odd part.

Next, Tigger is added to the scene, Mamma Pooh (the classic Winnie the Pooh) then Rabbit, Eeyore, and other motley collections of friends posing as characters from her bedtime book ‘The Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh. They are carefully seated in somewhat of a semi-circle around the displayed Pooh bear. The players all have conversation with each other, but Pooh bear never speaks.

The play is long and it is involved and almost always the same, a semi-circle of love around their friend Pooh. When the event is over each spectator cheerfully, one by one,dances back to their home in the old wooden toy chest, Pooh rises happily and returns to the bed and the event is over for the day.

My husband and I have tried to explain the event, we even once invited ourselves to the circle and tried to sneak a seat in the back beside Max the Duck, and behind Cherry Monkey, but we were quickly found out and escorted off of the premises.

I like to assume that all of this is harmless and I won’t stumble in one day to find a small alter being built with incense being burned all around. I’m sure it is nothing more than a happy birthday party, and…Pooh is the guest of honor… or an important lecture being given about the history of the 100 Acre Woods,…and…Pooh has a migraine and must lay his head down…to make the pain stop…and…the friends of Pooh are listening intently…and…not plotting anything…….right???

Elle-Girl and Pooh
Elle-Girl and Pooh

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