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Peter Jordan brought a hauntingly good time to APSU

fearthepeayAustin Peay State University’s Homecoming festivities continued last night with a visit by Paranormal Researcher Peter Jordan. Mr Jordan has spent 30 years investigating things that often cannot be explained by scientific means.

Peter Jordan traces his interest in the paranormal back to a childhood fascination with magic, nurtured by stories of the feats of Harry Houdini. As a young boy Peter spent many an afternoon imagining just how Houdini was able to do what he did. Houdini, after the death of his mother turned to spiritualists and mediums, but found them to be nothing but frauds, so he began debunking their “tricks.” Thus it was a natural fit for Peter to become an investigator of the Paranormal as well.

Peter Jordan talks about a image showing the figure of a young boy.

Since 1975, Jordan has conducted more than a hundred investigations of haunted dwellings, and has an innovative approach in the continuing search for scientific evidence of life after death.

“There is an Aura of Mystery about psychic abilities and psychic research,” Jordan said.

He became a Psychic investigator under Dr William G. Roll at Duke University’s Parapsychology Laboratory. He later worked with Dr. Kenneth Ring from the University of Connecticut. Jordan holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from the New School for Social Research in New York City, where he has taught parapsychology at the university level.

His research findings have appeared in the New York Times, and his work as a ghosthunter has been featured on national television on shows including “CBS News”, “ABC 20/20” and “Unsolved Mysteries.”

IMG_5829Peter Jordan currently serves as the Research Director of Vestigia, a New Jersey based paranormal research organization.

Jordan follows the Fortean philosophy of Paranormal Research. Fortean refers to Charles Fort, who theorized that just because mainstream science cannot currently explain a phenomenon, that does not necessarily invalidate it. Peter Jordan’s forensic method of research combines psychological and medical profiles of witnesses, with the use of “psychic detectives,” and modern electronic technology.

After years of research and seeing a recurring pattern in these types of cases, Jordan posits that certain people function as focal points or nexuses for paranormal events.

This is similar to how although John Bell was the favorite target of the Bell Witch in Adams, 12 year old daughter Betsy is often attributed as the focal point. Indeed Jordan sees a link between Paranormal Activity and childhood trauma and abuse. However he cautions that it can become very easy focus on these types of explanations, and thus overlook other possible causes, this was the case in the film “An American Haunting.”

During his presentation Jordan showed a number of intriguing videos and other photographic evidence he collected during his years as an investigator. He spoke of his various investigations including Gettysburg, Amityville, and Spontaneous human combustion.  Afterward he spoke with members of the audience about their own experiences with the Paranormal world. If you have a story of Paranormal Activity you would like to relate, you can contact Peter Jordan at or via email at

Peter Jordan asking the audience who has seen the Amityville Horror Movies

The event was sponsored by the APSU Student Affairs office. This was the second year that Peter Jordan has given his presentation at the University.

Bill Larson
Bill Larson
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