Tennessee Regulatory Boards set up operations in Davy Crockett Tower

Callers should resume dialing sections’ respective phone numbers

NASHVILLE, TN – The Department’s Regulatory Boards have moved to the Davy Crockett Tower, in the wake of Tennessee’s historic floods that have caused the temporary closure of the Andrew Johnson Tower.

The Regulatory Boards’ phone numbers have been restored to the following:


Phone: 615-741-2550
Email: accountancy.board@tn.gov

Architects & Engineers

Phone: 615-741-3221
Email: ce.aeboard@tn.gov

Alarm System Contractors

Phone: 615-741-6382
Email: alarm.systems.contractors@tn.gov


Phone: 615-741-3600
Email: ce.auctioneer@tn.gov


Phone: 615-741-2515
Email: barber.examiners@tn.gov


Phone: 615-741-1741
Email: collection.service@tn.gov


Phone: 615-741-8307
Email: contractors.home-improvement@tn.gov


Phone: 615-741-2515
Email: cosmetology.board@tn.gov

Employee Leasing

Phone: 615-741-1741
Email: employee.leasing@tn.gov


Phone: 615-741-5062
Email: funeral.cemetery.board@tn.gov


Phone: 615-741-3611
Email: geology.board@tn.gov

Home Inspectors Licensing

Phone: 615-741-1741
Email: home.inspector.licensing@tn.gov

Land Surveyors

Phone: 615-741-3611
Email: land.surveyors@tn.gov

Locksmith Licensing Program

Phone: 615-741-6382
Email: locksmith.licensing@tn.gov

Motor Vehicle Commission

Phone: 615-741-2711
Email: motor.vehicle@tn.gov

Private Investigation & Polygraph

Phone: 615-741-6382
Email: private.investigation.polygraph@tn.gov

Private Probation Service

Phone: 615-741-1741
Email: private.probation@tn.gov

Private Protective Services

Phone: 615-741-6382
Email: private.protective@tn.gov

Race Track Licensing Program

Phone: 615-741-1741
Email: race.track.licensing@tn.gov

Real Estate Appraisers

Phone: 615-741-1831
Email: realestate.appraisers@tn.gov

Real Estate Commission

Phone: 615-741-2273
Email: trec.info@tn.gov

Scrap Metals Licensing Program

Phone: 615-741-1741
Email: scrap.metals@tn.gov

People with questions to e-mail or who wish to file complaints related to licensees or unlicensed activity may either e-mail the respective board or reg.boards@tn.gov.

Map to Davy Crockett Tower

The Davy Crockett Tower is located at:

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