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Clarksville Academy ACT score surpasses State and National Average

The Clarksville AcademyClarksville Academy student’s ACT school average has surpassed the 2009-2010 state and national average.  CA students averaged a 23.9 composite ACT score while the state average was a 19.6 and the national average was 21.0.   The ACT is a national college admissions examination used to evaluate the achievement of high school students in the four core areas of English, reading, math and science.

The test is considered a level examination for students across the nation and the scores are utilized by American colleges and universities as one of the determining factors for college acceptance.

Clarksville Academy uses these results in accordance with the school’s mission statement to promote academic excellence.

To continually improve student achievement, Clarksville Academy places emphasis on areas including curriculum alignment, reading comprehension and higher order skills. 

As shown in this year’s results, students at Clarksville Academy scored 4.5 points higher on average on their cumulative scores compared to the State scores. 

Kay Drew, Head of Schools for Clarksville Academy
Kay Drew, Head of Schools for Clarksville Academy

CA students also improved their scores in each of the four subject areas for an average improvement of 2.5 points. The state scores dropped a full point, making Tennessee rank fourth from the bottom in the nation. CA students’ scores were right up there with the nation’s leader Massachusetts who averaged a 24 on the national test.

These improved scores are a result of the cooperative efforts of students and instructors.  Special attention is given to activities that promote higher order thinking and advanced reading comprehension. Students in the CA Class of 2010 averaged an ACT composite score of 23.9, with the top ten percent of the class averaging 33.75 and the top 25 percent averaging 31.3. 

Clarksville Academy is a PreK – 12 private school celebrating its 40th year in Clarksville.


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