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Interview with the City of Clarksville’s Mayor Kim McMillan

City of ClarksvilleClarksville, TN – Interview with Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan where she talks about the recent storms and flooding in the Clarksville area.

“What we did this year, was to have a different approach this time. We brought the City Officials, County Officials, City Department Heads, Chamber of Commerce and anyone that would have some input to the situation. Everyone met at the Emergency Operations Center to get the information on what we would expect. Then we went into action, having all the departments get their people ready to react to the coming storms.”

Kim also talks about the city budget, the pay raise for City Employees, the East-West Corridor, the Clarksville Electric Department, and the progress of the Clarksville Marina and Liberty Park.

You can listen to WJZM’s interview with Kim McMillan on their Clarksville in Review podcast.


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