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Darryl Worley rendition of “The Andy Griffith Show” theme song remains available to Aid in Disaster Fund Raising Efforts

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency - TWRANashville, TN – Country music artist Darryl Worley is continuing his efforts as an ambassador for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and other state organizations across the country who manage the nation’s natural resources and their efforts to aid those affected by recent natural disasters.

What began as a simple idea to use the song to promote fishing grew to include a music video and a national fund-raising effort.

The campaign, spearheaded by TWRA and the Franklin, Tennessee based record label, Outdoor Music, was built around the song known as “The Fishin’ Hole” which happens to be the theme song for the old Andy Griffith Show.

It features Darryl and long-time songwriting buddy, Wynn Varble, (co-writers of one of Darryl’s biggest hits, “Have You Forgotten”) enjoying a day on the lake with a surprise ending featuring some well-known pro fishermen, Elite Pro anglers Terry Scroggins, Gerald Swindle, Kota Kiriyama, and Brent Chapman.

“Everyone knows that melody, and it will stick in your head for days if you’re not careful,” said Worley at the time the project was launched. “Even though I’m a huge Andy Griffith Show fan, I did not know the song had lyrics. They are clever and give the song brand new life.”

The music video, which was filmed near Darryl’s home in his native Hardin County, Tennessee, was released late last fall during the Southeaster Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies conference. During concert appearances, Darryl has performed the song and invited his audience to pull out their cell phones and text the word FISH to 50555. This allows a $10.00 donation to be added to the user’s phone bill.

These funds are received by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation. As a thank you gift, a link to a free ringtone of the song is sent to the donor’s phone. The net proceeds are then used to help restore levees, replace equipment lost or damaged in the disasters and re-stock fish in waters affected by tornadoes and flooding. Donations from other parts of the country are distributed back to the state of origin’s wildlife agency.

“The Fishin’ Hole” music video was produced and directed by Jon Ward (Jonny Grand Films & Media) and Richard Prather (Dalia Entertainment Group) with executive producers, Eric Rhodes (All Star Cast) and Craig Brinks (Dalia Entertainment Group). “The Fishin’ Hole” song is available on iTunes and at www.OutdoorMusic.com .

Additionally, pro anglers Terry Scroggins and Gerald Swindle, who appear in the music video, have contributed by recording a Public Service Announcement for the campaign.

The music video may be viewed at www.tnwildlife.org . The song is available on iTunes and at www.Outdoormusic.com .


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