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Cumberland Furnace Teen Kara Stallings a Finalist in peta2’s 2013 ‘Cutest Vegan Alive’ Contest

The Vegan Revolution Is Sweeping the Country, and Young People Are Leading the Charge

peta2Cumberland Furnace, TN – Cumberland Furnace could soon be the home of a national star.

That’s because 19-year-old Creek Wood High School graduate Kara Stallings has beaten out hundreds of entrants from across the country to be named one of 10 female finalists vying for the title of Cutest Vegan Alive in a contest sponsored by peta2—PETA’s youth division.

2013 'Cutest Vegan Alive' Finalist Kara Stallings

Because of the fast-growing number of kids ditching eggs and dairy products, in addition to meat, this is the first time in the contest’s eight-year history that it was limited to vegans, rather than also allowing vegetarian entrants. All finalists will receive a certificate, and the two winners—one female and one male—will also win a professional photo shoot and star in their own peta2 ad.

“Kara is a perfect example of a young person who’s determined to make the world a kinder place,” says peta2 Director Marta Holmberg. “Kids who go vegan show respect for animals, the environment, and their own bodies, and that makes all of them cute in our book.”

Kara—who kiddingly describes herself as a “gifted napper” and an “incredible music hoarder”—went vegan after watching the factory farming and slaughterhouse exposé video “Meet Your Meat.” Although her motivation was to help stop animal suffering, she was amazed at how much better she felt physically. In her spare time, Kara volunteers at a local animal shelter, and she founded and was president of a “PETA club” at her school last year.

In addition to the health benefits, every vegan saves the lives of more than 100 animals every year. Raising animals for food is also a leading cause of water pollution, land degradation, and greenhouse-gas emissions.

Voters chose five females and five males as finalists, and peta2 chose another five girls and five boys based on enthusiasm (and cuteness, of course!). peta2 will select the two winners based on several factors, including vote count. See full contest details here. To view photos and read bios of all the finalists, please click here.

For more information, please visit peta2.com.


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