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CDE Lightband warns Businesses of Utility Scammers

Clarksville Department of Electricity - CDE - CDE LightbandClarksville, TN – CDE Lightband has recently seen an increase in customer calls reporting that they have been targeted by a scammer, with local businesses being hit especially hard.

Scammers are calling CDE Lightband customers and attempting to convince them that power will be disconnected unless payment is made on the account immediately.

These impersonators recently have been instructing customers to purchase prepaid credit cards, call back to a different phone number, and provide a PIN or other personal information.

They also use a tactic called “spoofing” to manipulate the Caller ID displayed phone number so that it appears to be a CDE Lightband number.

More alarming is information CDE Lightband received today from a local business that a person physically walked into his store demanding payment or he would shut the power off. CDE Lightband recommends that the police be contacted immediately if this occurs.

CDE Lightband uses multiple ways to communicate with customers regarding past due bills, but will never demand immediate payment.

Also, all CDE Lightband employees carry proper identification when working. Customers who have concerns about the status of their account should call CDE Lightband at 931.648.8151 or log in online at www.clarksvillede.com

About CDE Lightband

CDE Lightband is a municipal electric and broadband services provider serving approximately 66,000 electric customers and 19,000 broadband customers within the city limits of Clarksville, TN.


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