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Montgomery County Driver Safety Program brings ThinkFast Initiative to High Schools

Montgomery County TennesseeMontgomery County, TN – The Montgomery County Driver Safety Program recently brought the ThinkFast Interactive program to students at Montgomery Central High School. ThinkFast Interactive, sponsored by Nissan America and the Tennessee Governor’s Highway Safety Office, uses a game show setting to connect young people with factual, relevant information related to various personal health and safety issues such as impaired driving, seat belt safety, and distracted driving.

ThinkFast Interactive program
ThinkFast Interactive program

This fast-paced game engages students into thinking quickly on issues that directly relate to everyday situations and questions that they see. Lisa McClain, Driver Safety Administrator, states, “It’s such a great way to involve the students. They are learning and having fun at the same time. It’s a high energy show that really keeps the student’s attention.”

Sheri Murphy, DUI Coordinator with the District Attorney’s Office, adds, “Our office is also awarded a Persecution Enhancement grant from the Governor’s Highway Safety Office. We utilize that funding to bring more awareness to the issue of driving under the influence. The ThinkFast Interactive program reminds students of the real dangers of reckless driving through a fun learning environment. The students are just having fun; they don’t realize they are learning driver safety.”

“Tennessee’s decline in traffic fatalities has occurred because of the dedication and commitment from our partners across the state,” Governor’s Highway Safety Office Director Kendell Poole said. “They are coming up with ideas and programs that are creative, innovative, and solid.  They are the foundation for the culture of safety on our roads, and I am ecstatic that we are able to support their endeavors.”

McClain adds, “Montgomery Central is the third high school that has experienced the ThinkFast program. It is our hope to get it to more of the high schools in the next year. It is well received by the students and administrators!”


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