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Expect the Unexpected at the Clarksville Downtown Market

Clarksville Downtown MarketClarksville, TN – The Saturday Clarksville Downtown Market sponsored by Clarksville Parks and Recreation is a place anyone would have a great time selecting the freshest of locally grown food—tomatoes, squash, peppers, greens, honey, whoopie pies, homemade ice cream, flavored lemonade, peaches, blueberries, baked goods (fried pies, cookies, fruit pies, and breads), raw milk cheeses, popsicles, homemade jams and jellies, eggs, steak specials, beef, rabbit, pork, sausage, Canadian bacon, eggs, kettle corn, broccoli salad,etc.

What you may not expect is the variety of other items offered.

Clarksville Downtown Market
Clarksville Downtown Market

Here’s a small sample of what you have in store—dog treats, dog remedies (for hot spot perhaps!), cedar furniture, flavored soaps, silk flowers, wreaths, quilts, aprons, scarves, t shirts, hats, purses, hair bows, jewelry, cut flowers, potted plants, soy candles and tarts, peacock feathers, bird houses (both handmade and those from gourds), puppets, toys, ceramics, photos, greeting cards, artwork, candle holders, wine holders, mosaics, stepping stones, and wooden bowls.

Then there is the variety of home remedies and aromatherapy. You can find essential oils, tea remedies, plus cures for wrinkles, warts, skin tags and other health issues you’d like to get rid of!

In one section of the Downtown Market, you’ll find lunch! The food truck today was serving chicken wraps, nacho fries, veggie egg rolls, gyros, spiralized zucchini, Philly cheeses steak sandwiches, fries, and a variety of other delicacies. Nearby was a hot dog stand that was quite popular.

City of Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan shopping at the Downtown Market.
City of Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan shopping at the Downtown Market.

Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan had her bags full from shopping at the Clarksville Downtown Market.

“I am so excited to out here again at out wonderful farmer’s downtown market. What a great opportunity for all of the citizens of Clarksville to come down and enjoy this beautiful weather and really mix and miggle with our local folks that our offering both farmer market type items and other items for sale.” said Mayor McMillan.

“We tell how popular it is. It’s been voted the number one downtown market in the state,” stated Mayor McMillan. “You can see with all the huge crowd here that everyone enjoys it.”

For your musical pleasure, Red River Breeze was playing Celtic flavored music. The instruments in the group were the hammered dulcimer, fiddle, guitar and cello. Their soft contributions to the atmosphere made you feel that you were almost at a country fair.

In spite of the intense heat, a breeze was blowing and there were numerous shaded areas where you could stop to cool off.

Several booths featured demonstrations and gifts. The Montgomery County Health Department was giving away a healthful salsa plus the recipe for it. Representatives from the Clarksville-Montgomery County Library were on hand with information about library events.

Clarksville Parks and Recreation had booklets featuring swimming pools and their hours. Free tote bags were available from the Altra Federal Credit Union booth.

If you were thirsty, you could have free water from coolers located throughout the market.

The Not Just Lemonade stand at the Clarksville Downtown Market.
The Not Just Lemonade stand at the Clarksville Downtown Market.

People-watching is always a favorite sport. You could see kids licking ice cream cones, ladies parading in costumes ranging from shorts to flowing maxi gowns—and even some rather risque crocheted shirts that revealed more than a bit of skin—and men sweating it out in jeans or short pants. Plenty of patrons bring their dogs along but all dogs have to be on a leash and are under control.

The open-air Clarksville Downtown Market is located at 1 Public Square (City Hall Parking Lot) and has approximately 70 vendors. Every Saturday from May through October (except July 2nd and September 10th) you can find new and exciting products to take home or enjoy while you shop.

Clarksville Downtown Market has been voted the Number One farmers market in Tennessee through www.farmland.org for six straight seasons.

Hours are normally from 8:00am to 1:00pm., subject to change on occasion. Here’s a hint: go early and stay late.

You won’t be disappointed!

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