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New Book “Life After Jerks” is the Perfect Gift for those who dread Valentine’s Day

Sites and Sutton PublishingClarksville, TN – No special someone in your life? Allergic to roses and sworn off chocolate? Tired of all the romantic pressure of Valentine’s Day? Sites and Sutton Publishing is launching a new book that is guaranteed to bring smiles, smirks and for some, uncontrollable laughter.

“Life After Jerks”, by local authors Scarlet Middleton and Cybil Crawford, is the woman’s field guide to the many types of jerks that plague society.

"Life After Jerks" is the Perfect Valentine for Those Unlucky at Love.
“Life After Jerks” is the Perfect Valentine for Those Unlucky at Love.

We’ve all met at least one. Some have dated and even married a jerk. “Life After Jerks” offers healing, hope and hilarity for those longing to break away from the jerks in their life.

Every episode described in the book is ABSOLUTELY true. The authors find that truth is stranger than fiction, some things you just can’t make up, and eventually you can learn to laugh at anything.

Kay Sites of Sites and Sutton Publishing explains, “When we met Ms. Middleton and Ms. Crawford, we were so blown away by their stories and their positive and encouraging message we knew this was a book we wanted to publish. Plus, it is so funny we were laughing out loud as we read it.”

Things you’ll learn about jerks in this book include:

  • Daddy was right about Bad Boys, darn it.
  • If he seems too good to be true… he probably is.
  • Never accept collect phone calls from a correctional facility.
  • Beware of Elvis impersonators.

“Life After Jerks” is available on Amazon.com in paper back and kindle versions. “Hilarious and well written. It is smart, empathetic and an easy read. You can’t help but feel better after reading it,” according to Debra Sutton. “It’s a great gift to cheer up that friend or loved one that has a jerk in her life.”

To be totally fair, the authors are currently writing a sequel with the working title, “Mean Girls”. “In our research on jerks, we discovered a whole new set of stories from our guy friends that have dated and/or married the female equivalent of a jerk,” states Scarlet Middleton.

Middleton and Crawford’s message is simple. There is “Life After Jerks”. It’s a fine life indeed.

“Life After Jerks” is available on Amazon.com in paper back and kindle versions.

For more information, contact Sites and Sutton Publishing at 128 Public Square, Clarksville, TN 37040 or call 931.905.2626.


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