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Clarksville Police Department Scams of the Day for November 28th, 2017

Clarksville Police Department - CPDClarksville, TN – The Clarksville Police Department is going to make the public aware of some of the scams that they receive daily. CPD knows there are an unlimited amounts of scams, but they are going to try and put out the ones where people have actually suffered a loss.

There were a couple of scams which were not successful due to the potential victims thinking before responding. CPD wanted to make the public aware of the attempted, but denied scams.


Scam #1

A man posted his truck on Craigslist for sale. He was contacted by a potential with an offer to buy. The man called himself Michael Turner and said he was a deployed soldier. The potential victim was sent a check for $5250 more than he had asked for the vehicle. The potential victim got suspicious and started asking questions. He also researched the internet and found a scammer name “Turner” and had been scamming since 2013.

Also, a check of the company named on the check and they were unaware of any such check or transaction. The potential victim turned the tables and did not lose any money or his vehicle.

Scam #2

A local business was called and asked by an unknown man claiming to be a U.S. Marshal. He said he needed to know how much money was in the safe. The unknown man said he was investigating the business manager for replacing money in the safe with counterfeit money. He also knew the business manager’s name.

The caller said he and another Marshal would be waiting in the parking lot of the business for the info. The employee said that she was not going to count the money in the safe. That’s when the Marshal threatened the employee with time in “Alabama Corrections”.

CPD Note: We’ve had scams before where someone poses to be from corporate headquarters and has someone transfer the money from the business to “corporate”. In Scam #2, we can only speculate on purpose of the scammers, but that’s not how the U.S. Marshals are going to do business.


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