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Doug Englen Denounces Attack

Doug Englen for State SenateClarksville, TN – The recent attacks by Senator Bill Powers and/or his supporters that the service of our nation’s finest is diminished based on the political opinions of their commanders is disrespectful to all of our veterans and service members.

The unpatriotic nature of the remarks in support of one who never served a day in uniform is alarming.

Doug Englen
Doug Englen

Coupled further with Senator Powers past remarks that he “Understands soldiers issues because he has sold them cars for 30 years” makes him completely ill-suited to be District 22’s State Senator.

“An attack went out on me yesterday by my opponent and/or his supporters in the District 22 Senate race. I know that many people are extremely upset about the attack, as am I, but my team and I will remain strong through this storm. I am asking everyone to go vote against this type of smear on our veterans and service members on August 6th. The ballot box is how we can fight this battle and win. -Doug Englen”


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