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Hopkinsville Community College announces Summer, Fall Scholarship Awards

Hopkinsville Community CollegeHopkinsville, KY – Hopkinsville Community College (HCC) has been busy helping students find a way to finance their higher education, according the HCC Advancement Chief Yvette Eastham.

For the first time in the college’s history, scholarships were offered to students attending a summer class who were also enrolled for fall courses. The HCC Foundation’s General Endowment provided $18,252 to 21 students who wanted to continue coursework through summer.


“It was important to Dr. Young, college leadership and the HCC Foundation to encourage students to persist in moving forward toward their goals, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Eastham.

“Giving students an extra boost of support has provided much needed encouragement during a time that has been challenging for so many,” Eastham shared.

The HCC Foundation received thank you notes from recipients that officials described as some of the most inspirational they had received.

One recipient shared, “I wanted to let you know how thankful I truly am for this scholarship. It means much more than money – it means there are people and organizations that still believe in others. My goal is to show my girls that no matter how old, how late you start or what is going on in the world, it will never be too late to accomplish something.”

HCC President Dr. Alissa Young emphasized the importance of continuing to pursue goals and expressed thanks to donors saying, “The notes we receive from grateful students are because our donors continue to give and provide opportunity to our students. Donor support has never been more important than now, and because of the faithful giving of so many, we continue to be able to award scholarships and provide a pathway to achievement of goals and dreams.”

Over $207,000 in academic scholarships for 2020-2021 has been awarded to 85 students. According to college officials, this does not include the Hopkinsville Rotary Scholars program or two textbook scholarship funds. Hopkinsville Community College and the HCC Foundation scholarships provide aid to students in nursing and allied health, economics, agriculture, GED graduates, phlebotomy, underrepresented populations, and students who have demonstrated academic excellence. Scholarship awards include the following: 

Summer Scholarships – HCC Foundation General Endowment

Amanda Armstrong, Sarah Baker, Somer Beuch, Davena Blair, Julia Burelle, Mia Christian, Christi Combs, Skyler Crisp, Melissa Cusano, Lauren Dargon, Chelsea Haddock, Kaitlyn Hayes, Diana Hernandez, Krista Hodge, Teresia Macias, Breanna Oliver, Maura Rosekrans, Jennifer Rush, Mikayla Sadler-Riddle, Shane Samples, Cassie Samuel, James Torres. 


Fall Scholarships

Fred & Wendy Anderson: Emilee Adams, Amanda Brooks, Julia Burelle, Dharma Gill, Mikayla Sadler-Riddle. Billy & Kathleen Burke: Landen Humphries. Cadiz Rotary: Emilee Adams, Amanda Armstrong, Jerry Brown, Hunter Clinkenbeard, Avery Daniel, Morgan Dunn, Jeannae Fowler, Derek Frazier, Jason (Wade) Harper Jr., Landen Humphries, Breanna Oliver, April Powell, Tabitha Rawlins, Jesse Siegmund. Carmichael Fels/William T. Williams: Thomas Hampton. Clara Wheeler: Destiny Gilbert. Commonwealth Scholarship: Xian Ferguson, Amber Harrison, John Matlock, Bridget Owens, Shane Samples, Elyse Wood. David Riley: Amelia Fancher Henry & George Lilly: Jerry Brown, Julia Burelle, Madison Campbell, Chelsea Choate, Hunter Clinkenbeard, Amelia Fancher, Destiny Gilbert, Dharma Gill, Jason (Wade) Harper Jr., Kaitlyn Hayes, Elizabeth Knight, April Powell, Vivien Powell.  Jesse Keith: Amanda Armstrong, Sarah Baker, Carrie Barnes, Somer Beuch, Davena Blair, Amanda Brooks, Vernia Chomba, Christi Combs, Melissa Cusano, Morgan Dunn, Xian Ferguson, Derek Frazier, Samantha Graddy, Chelsea Haddock, Thomas Hampton, Abigail Herndon, Krista Hodge, Tyeshia Hopper, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Shelby Jenkins, Joseph Kelchner, Danielle Myers, Carlee Pollock, Natalie Riley, Maura Rosekrans, Jennifer Rush, Cassie Samuel, Lily Sharp, Reagan Shearon, Hannah Shemwell, Jesse Siegmund, Baelee Teague, Ashley Utley, Macayla West, Elyse Wood. John T. Smith: Latesha Atkins, Verina Chomba, Sheree Hodges, John Matlock. KCA Corporation: Kyler Graddy, Krista Hodge, Samantha King, Teresita Macias, Danielle Myers. Kentucky Colonels Better Life: Amber Blankenship, Terra Wilke. Loyd Booker:  Davena Blair, Diana Hernandez, Vivien Powell, Maura Rosekrans, Jennifer Rush, Baelee Teague, Sapphire Thao, Kristy Wright. Lyndon Goode Allied Health: Latesha Atkins, Breanna Oliver, Carlee Pollock, Tabitha Rawlins, Mikayla Sadler-Riddle, Brylee Shemwell. Mary Spangler Kennedy: Carrie Barnes. The Pioneers: Sapphire Thao. President’s Scholarship: Sarah Baker, Somer Beuch, Peyton Hampton, Teresita Macias, Arienne Yanes.


About Hopkinsville Community College

For many Pennyrile Kentucky region and Fort Campbell residents, higher education begins at Hopkinsville Community College (HCC).  The college serves thousands of area residents each year as a comprehensive regional learning center providing academic and technical associate degrees; diploma and certificate programs in occupational fields; prebaccalaureate education; adult, continuing and developmental education; customized training for business and industry; and distance learning.

As part of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, HCC is a critical component to transforming the region’s economy by providing citizens with the education and training needed for high growth, high wage careers.

For more information, visit Hopkinsville.kctcs.edu


HCC is an equal opportunity employer and education institution. 


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