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Clarksville Police Department warns Public of Phone Scams

Clarksville Police Department - CPDClarksville, TN – The Clarksville Police Department (CPD) has recently taken several reports of False Pretense or “Scams”. Several individuals have notified CPD that they received phone calls from someone representing themself as a member of the Clarksville Police Department.

The individual used a practice called: “Caller ID spoofing”, which is the practice of falsifying information about an incoming call on the receiver’s caller ID display. Scammers will manipulate the caller ID so that the call appears to be coming from a local or well-known phone number.

In some instances, the number that appears on the caller ID is the Clarksville Police Departments’ phone number, 931.648.0656. The scammer has given the name of an actual person that has worked for or currently works for CPD.
These individuals are trying to scam the caller out of money by making some sort of threat of an arrest unless they make a payment. The Clarksville Police Department will never request anyone to make a payment over the phone. No Law Enforcement agency will accept money to resolve a warrant, they will serve the warrant on you or direct you to turn yourself in.
The Clarksville Police Department wants to remind everyone that they should never provide personal information over the phone unless it is a business transaction that you have initiated.


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