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2022 Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday for Food, Food Ingredients

Sales Tax Holiday During Month of August

Tennessee Department of RevenueNashville, TN – Public Chapter 1131 (2022), effective July 1st, 2022, creates a new sales tax holiday starting at 12:01am on Monday, August 1st, 2022, and ending at 11:59pm on Wednesday, August 31st, 2022.

During this period, food and food ingredients may be purchased tax-free. Food and food ingredients purchased from a micro-market or vending machine remain subject to sales tax.

Food and Food Ingredients

“Food and food ingredients” are defined as liquid, concentrated, solid, frozen, dried, or dehydrated substances that are sold to be ingested or chewed by humans and are consumed for their taste or nutritional value. Food ingredients do not include alcoholic beverages, tobacco, candy, dietary supplements, and prepared food. For more information and examples of food and food ingredients, please see Important Notice 17-20.

The most common example of a dealer selling food and food ingredients is a grocery store. Food and food ingredients are those items otherwise taxed at the 4% state sales tax rate plus the applicable local rate.

Reporting Exempt Sales

All dealers must properly report sales made during the sales tax holiday. For the August 2022 reporting period, sales should be reported as follows:

  1. Report all sales (taxable and non-taxable) on Page 1, Line 1 (Gross Sales) of the sales tax return.
  2. Report all sales of exempt food and food ingredients made during the holiday period on Schedule A, Line 10, and Schedule G – Temporary Exemptions.

The information reported on Schedule A, Line 10, is required in order for the State to reimburse local governments for the loss of local sales tax resulting from the tax holiday.

This exemption will only be available for the holiday period. All retail sales of food and food ingredients made after August 31st, 2022, will be subject to sales tax.

For More Information

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Tenn. Code Ann. §§ 67-6-102 and 67-6-393. Public Chapter 1131 (2022)


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