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State Senators Harper, Marrero to attend early voting rally

Montgomery County Democratic Party

Montgomery County Democratic Party

The Montgomery County Democratic Party will host a “get out the vote” rally Saturday at 10 a.m. at Veteran’s Plaza. State legislators  and local candidates will join the event in an effort to energize and encourage early voting, which if the first day of early voting is any indicator, will be encouragement falling on willing ears.

After the rally, the group plans to enter the Election Commission as a group and vote for the candidates of their choice.

On Wednesday, the early voting line extended out the door and down the covered walkway, with as many as 60-80 people in line at any given time.

For more information on this MCDP event, call  931-552-5523


Dover Democrats speak out at Stewart County Obama house party


Stewart County officials speak up for change in Washington. Detail local impact of decisions made in nation’s capital city.

Nan and Jim Robertson open their home

Nan and Jim Robertson offer refreshments for their Obama House Party

Saturday, September 27th, Nan and Jim Robertson opened their Stewart County home to host a Stewart County Democrats for Obama House Party. On the patio garden of the lovely wooded residence, Stewart County Democratic Party officials spoke of reasons everyone feels its time for a change in the way Washington does business. Local citizens are suffering under the wave of neglect and disregard that signifies the Bush Administration’s approach to government.

Jim welcomed the guests to their home and encouraged everyone to incorporate ‘green technology’ and businesses into their daily habits. He spoke of alternative energy and fuels that offer real opportunity to realign our foreign oil dependence equation and help improve the environment while giving a boost to our economy as well.

Thurston Smith, president-SCDP, speaks as Jim and Nan Robertson listen during their Dover for OBama Hse Party

Stewart County Democratic Party President Thurston Smith stated that Federal and state government cutbacks have a disproportionate impact upon the local population. Economic realities are readily felt here and the citizens aren’t fooling themselves to these real facts. Jobs are not increasing and those that are here are not secure. Benefits are costly and inadequate. He told of how some Dover citizens, who had once confided not being willing to vote for women candidates or a candidate of a different ethnicity, have since come back to declare that they no longer feel that way and that they support and will be voting for Senator Obama in November. Stewart County is a small county, economically speaking, and the economy has soured there. «Read the rest of this article»


Gov. Bredesen endorses Tim Barnes bid for State Senate seat


District 22 candidate Atty. Tim Barnes (L) and Senate candidate Bob Tuke

Governor Phil Bredesen, Senators Thelma Harper and Beverly Marrero, Senate candidate Bob Tuke and a who’s who of state and local legislators gathered in Nashville Monday to endorse Senate District 22 candidate Tim Barnes in his election bid. Barnes will be opposed by write-in candidate and incumbent, Senator Rosalind Kurita.

Barnes lost the primary by 19 votes but that election race was voided after a hearing on election law violations by the State Democratic Executive Committee, which then ruled that the decision between both candidates would be placed in the hands of the Houston, Stewart and Montgomery County Democratic executive committees, which chose Barnes 61-4. «Read the rest of this article»


Clarksville for Obama fundraiser invigorates supporters


The Crowd

Local fund raiser highlighted by enthusiastic crowd and lively speakers. Montgomery County Democratic Party partners with Clarksville for Obama to stage the event. Democratic State Senate District 22 nominee Tim Barnes shares in event spotlight.

Watching Democrats sign in

Clarksville for Obama, with an assist from the Montgomery County Democratic Party, held a fund raiser Thursday night  at the IAM Local # 129 Union Hall on 1296 Union Hall Rd.

U.S. Senate Candidate Bob Tuke and Senate District 22 candidate Tim Barnes were among the guest speakers, a roster that included candidates for state and national offices on the November ballot, and representatives of both the Democratic Party and Labor Unions.  Approximately 155 people attended the event.

Gene Lewis, MCDP chair, stood in for Kim McMiillan, who was unable to attend, as moderator for the event. He introduced each of the program’s speakers to address the gathering.

Bob Tuke with fellow Democrats

Bob Tuke (center, left), candidate for 7th US Senate District, commended Clarksville for Obama and the Montgomery County Democratic Party. He praised the county for its strong Democratic Party tradition. He additionally hailed State Senate District 22 nominee Tim Barnes.

Tuke then cited Senator Barack Obama as a “great candidate” and declared he would make a fantastic president. He declared the current financial crisis, “is not an accident, it isn’t cyclic. It’s the result of mismanagement.” He noted that “President Obama” will need a supportive Senate and that means having at least sixty democratic votes in the Senate. «Read the rest of this article»


Atomic Trades and Labor Council endorses Candidate Bob Tuke for U.S. Senate


Bob Tuke

The Atomic Trades and Labor Council has endorsed Bob Tuke to become Tennessee’s next U.S. Senator and to defeat Lamar Alexander in November.  The ATLC is comprised of 16 international unions and 17 local unions and represents approximately 2,100 members at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Y-12 National Security Complex.  The ATLC joins a growing list of Tuke for Tennessee endorsers, including:

  • Tennessee AFL-CIO Labor Council – Representing 340 Local Unions and 250,000 workers throughout Tennesse
  • Tennessee Professional Fire Fighters Association
  • Teamsters Local Union 519 – Knoxville, TN «Read the rest of this article»
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Robert Tuke, Senate candidate, brings campaign to Clarksville


Robert (Bob) Tuke is a Marine who served America, a Democratic soldier who has worked hard for others in Tennessee politics. He is now a candidate for the United States Senate is touring Clarksville meeting with voters to discuss his platform and answer their questions

Robert D. Tuke is the former Chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party, having served from July 1, 2005 through January 13, 2007. In addition, he served as Treasurer of the Tennessee Democratic Party and Co-Chair of the Kerry/Edwards Campaign in Tennessee in 2004. He headed Veterans for Kerry in the State in 2003 – 2004. Tuke was also a Trustee of the national Kerry/Edwards campaign and served as Delegation Whip of the Tennessee Delegation at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.

Most recently, Tuke worked as the Tennessee Political Director for Obama for America.


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