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Police Department clarifies mis-understanding


Clarksville Police Chief Al AnsleyClarksville, TN – “Operation Turnaround” has been one of the many accomplishments of the Clarksville Police Department.   The program targets troubled youth in the Clarksville area and gets them involved in a myriad of different programs, and depends on the support of local businesses and churches for support.

Recently, there’s been some concern that the program would not be able to accept the assistance of local churches over “church and state” guidelines.  Clarksville police chief Al Ansley says that is “not true”. «Read the rest of this article»

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Local Dentists Present $1,000 Check to the CPD Youth Coalition

Stanley and Carol Montee

Stanley and Carol Montee

Clarksville Police DepartmentClarksville, TN – Dr. Stanley Montee, DDS and Dr. Carol Montee, DDS presented the Clarksville Police Department a personal donation in the amount of $1,000 for the Clarksville Police Department’s Youth Coalition. The CPD Youth Coalition is a unique program which works with “at risk” juvenile offenders.

The Youth Coalition is a different approach to law enforcement for “at risk” offenders. The approach is a diversion from the old standard of using punitive means for the young offenders and is geared toward breaking patterns of behavior and providing useful life skills. The check was presented to Chief Ansley and the Youth Coalition’s Board of Directors at Police Headquarters.


The Montee's present Police Chief Al Ansley with a check for the CPD Youth Coalition.

The Montee's present Police Chief Al Ansley with a check for the CPD Youth Coalition (Back Row – Dr Carol Montee, Dr Stanley Montee, Chief Al Ansley, Chaplain Bob Mitchell. Front Row- Sgt William Welty, Attorney Elizabeth Rankin, Ernie Griffin, Sgt J.W. Hunt.)

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APSU, Maaco, & Operation Turnaround helps teens turn their lives around with Project 59


Austin Peay State University LogoRestoring a rusted 1959 Pontiac Catalina may be a daunting task but perhaps not as challenging as helping at-risk teens better their lives.

However, empowering these teens to perform a full restoration of the ’59 Catalina is the mission of Project 59, an initiative led by Mitch Rollins, an adjunct faculty member in the APSU Department of Psychology.

Rollins also is the owner of Maaco, a collision repair center in Clarksville, which partners with the Clarksville Police Department in a program called Operation Turnaround. Project 59 is a component of the program, with 24 at-risk teens participating.

Mitch Rollins demonstrating how it's done

Mitch Rollins demonstrating how it's done

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The Freedom Writers are coming to Clarksville Tennessee


Operation Turnaround hosts the Freedom Writers for Clarksville’s 1st annual Juvenile Collaborative: Resources for Juveniles, Families, and the Professionals Who Serve Them.


The Freedom Writers

The Freedom Writers are coming to Clarksville on Saturday, August 8th from 8:00a.m. till 3:00p.m. to speak, answer questions, and sign autographs at Northeast High School. Pre-registration is encouraged! The Freedom Writers story is one of a teacher who together with 150 Teens, used writing to change themselves, and the world around them.

Sessions during the day include: Navigating Juvenile Courts, Addiction and Recovery, Managing an unruly or truant child, Coping Skills, Special Education and Disabilities, Navigating CMCSS, Family Wellness, Adolescent Development, Parenting Skills, Self-Defense/RAD, Mentor Training, Depression and Mental Illness, Managing Behavior Problems in the Classroom, Communications 101, Finances 101, Getting Past the Past, Sex and Pregnancy, Dealing with Parents and Adults (kids only), Bullying, and Gangs 101.

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Clarksville Police Department News


clarksvillepolicelogoCrime is still happening and we in law enforcement are doing our best to make sure it happens as little as possible. That being said, we finally received our crime statistic numbers comparing us to other Tennessee cities with over 50,000 populations. Please understand this is not meant to portray other cities in a negative or positive light, but it does let you see how our numbers look using the data submitted to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, which uses standardized criteria for reporting. Wow, was that a mouth full? Okay, here goes:
A Clarksville, TN Police officer takes a accident report
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Police department’s Operation Turnaround Olympics kicked off Friday


The Clarksville Police Department’s Operation Turnaround Olympics kicked off with opening ceremonies at McGregor Park in Clarksville on Friday.

“Operation Turn Around targets troubled youth and gets them involved in a myriad of different programs. The group sponsors many different programs such as: youth football teams, basketball, cooking, sewing classes, auto body painting and repairs, mentoring classes, and the list goes on. The purpose of the program is to provide life skills to the participants, as well as positive role models to influence their lives.”

Sponsors, Police Officials, and Operation Turnaround staff with two of the Olympics participants

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Police Department’s Operation Turnaround Olympics opening ceremonies Friday


A Clarksville Police Department CarThe public is invited  to the opening ceremonies for Clarksville Police Department’s Operation Turnaround Olympics on June 5, 2009 between starting at 2:30pm.   The opening will be signified by the carrying of a Police Olympics’ torch from Stateline Rd down Ft Campbell Blvd with the end of the route at McGregor Park on Riverside Drive.  The torch will be carried on the route by a local area Dentist and members of the Northeast Track team under the tutelage of Northeast’s Coach Brewer. The carrying of the torch from Stateline Rd to McGregor Park will commence around, 1:30 p.m. with the opening ceremony to begin around 2:30 p.m.  Afterwards, there will be a barbeque and other activities for the Olympics’ participants, sponsors, mentors, and family members.

The Olympics came about as a natural progression for the Operation Turnaround program which has been operating for over three years.  Operation Turnaround targets troubled youth and gets them involved in life skill activities. Many of the youth in the program have been in some sort of trouble with the law and are mandated to enter the program.  There are others which are referred to the program because they are on a pathway which may lead them into the judicial system. The great part about the program is the money does not come out of the city’s funds; the funding comes from sponsors and a grant.

The Olympics will provide Operation Turnaround participants and other local community young adults, ages 12-17, to participate in team and individual activities.  This also provides an opportunity for family, friends, and community members to  support these young adults as they showcase their talents.  The Olympics will run from June 8-19 and covers a wide spectrum of activities.  The events available are:  trivia, cooking, volleyball, track and field, swimming, basketball,  and fishing.   Teens can still register for the Olympics by calling 931-320-2793.

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