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Updated: August 2006 election results, and rumors of problems downloading votes from machines used in early voting!

A Microvote Infinity voting machinePlease see the Election 2006 page for complete election results!

I am currently investigating reports of issues retreiving the votes from the Microvote Infnity machines used for early voting, which once again raises the question: Can we trust paperless voting using electronic machines, and highlighting the need for these machines to produce a voter verified paper audit trail!

Ask yourself this. What happens at the end of the day, if they try to download votes from a heavily used voting machine, and find nothing there? While I hope this is a nightmare that we never have to face, they will not be able to say we were not warned!  Updated below:

I called the election commission office today and Vickie Koelman the Administrator of Elections denied that there is any truth to the rumors that I reported on last night. She said “None at all” in answer to my question if there were any problems or issues as all with either downloading votes from a machine or from the memory cards.

I asked her the question I posed above. What happens if at the end of the day there are no votes on a machine when they try to download them. Her first answer was “That can never happen”, Never say never was my response. I said hypothetically speaking. Her response is they have a list of the people who signed in at that precinct. I asked so they would be allowed to revote? Her answer was she didn’t know as it had never happened.

I suggested they do some thinking on it, and coming up with some contingency plans for different scenarios similar to what the Military does with it’s war plans. They make a bunch of plans even if they never expect to use them. It’s better to have them and never need them, than to need them and not have them.

Bill Larson
Bill Larson
Bill Larson is  is politically and socially active in the community. Bill is a member of the Friends of Dunbar Cave. You can reach him via telephone at 931-249-0043 or via the email address below.

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