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G’s Pancake House the Best in Homegrown Dining.

gs-logo-for-article.jpgClarksville, TN – It’s true, sometimes you just want to go where everybody knows your name. That place for me, and for over 35 years many Clarksvillians and travelers, is none other than G’s Pancake House Restaurants, Inc.  This restaurant chain is named after the late Eugene Sueiro and has two Clarksville locations and one in Oak Grove, Kentucky.

Many a newcomer to this military town has made G’s Pancake House there first dining experience because of its location and proximity to the Fort Campbell, KY military base. But, once inside and settled, the staff and great food does the rest in making sure that you and your family become a mainstay and frequent return customer.

Once a fresh cup of their 100% premium Colombian Coffee is brought to my table, only then am I ready to order from the extensive, moderately priced 24 hour breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.  Made to order dishes include many American and International favorites such as steak, schnitzel, shrimp, chicken, Freedom fries, German potato salad, the classic club sandwich, huge signature omelets, and the best flame broiled burgers this side of the Ohio Valley and Davidson County line.

The food is always hot and fresh and every item can be served with an order of their famous pancakes.  With over 24 styles or combinations to choose from, including French toast or waffles, from old fashion buttermilk to wild blueberry flavored you will begin to understand how this pancake house was first put on the map.

Man, all this talk of great food has really gotten this writer’s appetite up, so ideally I think this is the perfect time to bring up the flag ship and back bone of many American restaurants in the new millennium and that is its “All You Care to Eat Buffet” and salad bar.  With the high cost of inflation and taxes many people are looking for a lot more bang for their buck when they dine out.  That is why a restaurant must be on top of it’s buffet game and G’s more than delivers in this department.  Sounds corny, well just check out this weekly lineup of entrees and fixin’s that are served on any given week day and night.

Meat loaf, baked chicken, smoked ham, roast beef, spaghetti, pork roast, lasagna, liver w/gravy & onions, tacos, ribs, steak tips, pork chops, schnitzel, and don’t miss Catfish & hush puppies Fridays.  Homemade side dishes, more fixings, veggies, corn bread and hot buttered rolls only prepares you for the ultimate buffet discount.  Check this out!

At the Fort Campbell Blvd, (Clarksville, TN) G’s Pancake House location Monday – Thursday night you can have all the benefits of the full buffet with a drink and dessert included for only $ 3.99.  Yes, $ 3.99.  At these prices you can afford to feed Grand Mamma, Grand Pa and all the grandchildren too.

Since I am a diabetic, I have to pass on dessert but that did not stop my wife and colleagues from trying the assorted pies, cakes and frozen desserts that G’s has to offer. Umm, come to think of it, since this is a military town I need to talk to long time manager Quinton about creating and naming a dessert in honor of the soldiers of Fort Campbell especially since soldiers frequent the pancake house so often to eat.

This makes absolute since to me since G’s Pancake Houses are also very community minded and offer senior citizens’ discounts, a kid’s menu, military & collegian discounts and low carb salad options for the calorie and weight loss conscious.

For the many that come to Clarksville, G’s Pancake House, regardless of which location, is usually the first restaurant they dine in and if they are as pleased with the great food, service and hospitality, as my family and I are, then I am sure that G’s Pancake House is sure to become a favorite family grub spot and tradition for many years to come.

G’s Pancake House gets two thumbs up for a full stomach, great food, low cost and service with a smile in my book. Visit G’s Pancake House and don’t forget to tell them that Terry McMoore sent you.



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