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Peace Coalition to mark 5th anniversary of war

Editor’s Note: American casulities in Iraq have reached 3987; 84 of those were from Tennessee, 4 from Clarksville. We are rapidly coming up on the fifth anniversity of the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

bringthemhome.gifOn March 15, 2008, the sacrifices of those affected by the conflict in Iraq during the past five years will be honored. Support and sympathy will be expressed for the members of the U.S. armed forces, their families and the people of Iraq.

Citizens will gather at noon Saturday, March 15 at the Amphitheater at the Bicentennial Mall at 600 James Robertson Parkway in downtown Nashville. There will be speakers – most of them veterans and their families, and music – all expressing hope for peace in the future. The program will end on an upbeat note, with a performance by the men’s choral group “Nashville in Harmony”.

At 3PM, veterans, military family members and others will carry a large canvas, bearing the names of Tennesseans killed in Iraq, up the hill to the War Memorial Plaza. The 93 names will be symbolically added to the names of those Tennesseans who have died in previous conflicts. This event, titled “Steps to Peace”, will express the hope that there will be no further casualties to memorialize.

There is continued controversy over the most honorable and responsible way for the United States to wind up its military operations in Iraq. But Americans are united in mourning for the fallen and sympathizing with their families. They are impatiently waiting for all the members of our armed forces currently serving in Iraq to come home safe and sound.

Citizens insist that the veterans of this conflict must receive all necessary assistance to regain their physical and mental health and to readjust to civilian life. And they are determined that the suffering should not be in vain – that the people of Iraq should attain self-rule, the fruits of their labor and resources and the reconstruction of their nation.

“Our attitude towards this conflict mirrors the mood of the season”, said Jane Steinfels Hussain, a member of the Nashville Peace Coalition. “There are springtime cultural traditions throughout the world, mourning death but looking forward to new life and hoping for a better future.” “We are not blind to the death and suffering caused by this conflict. We do
not pretend that everything has gone well. But we express our hope for a more peaceful world in the future and our determination to work for the wellbeing of all.”

Sponsored by the Nashville Peace Coalition, a project of the Nashville Peace & Justice Center.

Tennessee Casulities in Iraq 84
Ashland City Reese Jr., Gary L. Sergeant 14-Aug-2005
Bon Aqua Rowe, Roger Dale Sergeant 09-Jul-2003
Bon Aqua Bohannon, Jeremy S. Private 05-Aug-2007
Bristol Coulter, Alexander S. Chief Warrant Officer 17-Nov-2003
Chapel Hills Nunes, Todd E. Staff Sergeant 02-May-2004
Charlotte Harris Jr., Kenneth W. Sergeant 20-Aug-2003
Chattanooga Stewart, James D. Sergeant 21-Jun-2005
Clarksville Torres, Richard 2nd Lieutenant 06-Oct-2003
Clarksville Winkler III, Harry A. Private 1st Class 12-Nov-2006
Clarksville Cerrone, Michael A. 1st Lieutenant 12-Nov-2006
Clarksville Jenkins, Rush “Mickey” Marshall Private 1st Class 30-Oct-2007
Cleveland Price, James W. Private 1st Class 18-Sep-2004
Cleveland Weir, David Thomas Sergeant 14-Sep-2006
Clinton Morris, Daniel M. Staff Sergeant 25-Nov-2006
Columbia Espaillat Jr., Pedro I. Senior Airman 15-May-2004
Cookeville Clark, Lance M. Lance Corporal 07-Sep-2007
Cordova Murray, Adam R. Lance Corporal 27-Jul-2006
Crossville Strader, Morgan W. Sergeant 12-Nov-2004
Dickson Bishop, Jeffery A. Lance Corporal 20-Apr-2007
Dresden Foley III, Thomas Arthur Specialist 14-Apr-2003
Duff Hicks, Gregory B. Sergeant 1st Class 08-Jan-2004
Duff Siler, Alfred Barton Sergeant 25-May-2005
Elizabethton Maddies, Stephen R. Sergeant 31-Jul-2007
Finger Adkins, Dustin M. Sergeant 04-Dec-2006
Franklin Buerstetta, Richard A. Lance Corporal 23-Oct-2006
Gallatin Overstreet, Tyler R. Lance Corporal 23-Oct-2006
Germantown Stern, Andrew K. 1st Lieutenant 16-Sep-2004
Germantown Secher, Robert M. Captain 08-Oct-2006
Greeneville Read, Brandon Michael Sergeant 06-Sep-2004
Hilham Tucker, Robert W. Sergeant 13-Oct-2005
Hixon Sullivan, John M. Sergeant 30-Dec-2006
Huntsville Washam, Rusty L. Corporal 14-Feb-2006
Jackson Loyd, David L. Staff Sergeant 05-Aug-2003
Johnson City Potter, David L. Private 1st Class 07-Aug-2004
Kingsport Light, Robbie Glen Corporal 01-May-2006
Kingston Springs Newman, William N. Senior Airman 07-Jun-2007
Knoxville Watts, Christopher E. Petty Officer 2nd Class 24-Apr-2004
Knoxville Harrison, George Daniel Private 1st Class 02-Dec-2004
Knoxville McNulty, Michael L. Master Sergeant 17-Jun-2005
Knoxville Williams, Luke C. Corporal 05-Sep-2005
Knoxville Fifer, Eric A. Sergeant 07-Oct-2005
Knoxville Love, Scott M. 1st Lieutenant 07-Jun-2006
Lake City Connell Jr., James David Sergeant 1st Class 12-May-2007
Lebanon Hawn II, Asbury F. Staff Sergeant 14-Aug-2005
Lenoir City Koprince Jr., William C. Lance Corporal 27-Dec-2006
Lewisburg Golczynski, Marcus A. Staff Sergeant 27-Mar-2007
Livingston Savage, Jeremiah E. Lance Corporal 12-May-2004
Manchester Schoff, Brian J. Private 1st Class 28-Jan-2006
Martin Morel, Brent L. Captain 07-Apr-2004
Martin Laird, Dustin D. Sergeant 02-Aug-2006
Martin Ring, Michelle R. Specialist 05-Jul-2007
McKenzie Carroll, James D. Sergeant 31-Jul-2005
Memphis Caradine Jr., Ervin Specialist 02-May-2004
Memphis Kennon, Morgan DeShawn Staff Sergeant 07-Nov-2003
Memphis Ross, Marco D. Specialist 25-Aug-2004
Middleton Elliott, Terry J. Gunnery Sergeant 01-Feb-2007
Millington Creager, Timothy R. Lance Corporal 01-Jul-2004
Mount Juliet Cates, Steven C. T. Lance Corporal 20-Sep-2004
Murfreesboro Hirlston, James Daniel Lance Corporal 23-Aug-2006
Nashville Bailey, Nathan J. Staff Sergeant 12-Nov-2003
Nashville McMahan, Don Steven Staff Sergeant 09-Apr-2004
Nashville Nixon, Patrick Ray Lance Corporal 23-Mar-2003
Nashville Bass, David A. Corporal 02-Apr-2006
Oak Ridge Kennedy, Stephen C. Sergeant 1st Class 04-Apr-2005
Ooltewah Haslip, Travis F. Private 1st Class 19-May-2007
Overton McCormick, Brad Preston Corporal 19-Aug-2004
Paris Spencer, William D. Lance Corporal 28-Dec-2006
Paris Blackwell. Justin R. Specialist 05-Aug-2007
Portland Link, Joey D. Technical Sergeant 05-Aug-2007
Rutherford Dozier, Jonathan Kilian Staff Sergeant 09-Jan-2008
Sebban Sebban, Benjamin L. Sergeant 1st Class 17-Mar-2007
Seymour Bennett, William M. Sergeant 1st Class 12-Sep-2003
Seymour Lieurance, Victoir P. Staff Sergeant 22-Aug-2005
Smithville Taylor, Shannon D. Sergeant 14-Aug-2005
Speedwell Prater, Terry W. Staff Sergeant 15-Mar-2007
Stewart Hewitt, Cory Michael Corporal 21-Dec-2004
Sweetwater Hunt, Joseph Daniel Sergeant 22-Aug-2005
Talbot Thomason III, Paul W. Sergeant 20-Mar-2005
Unicoi Edwards, Mark O. Staff Sergeant 09-Jun-2005
Unknown Blaise, Michael T. Chief Warrant Officer (CW2) 23-Jan-2004
Unknown Orlando, Kim S. Lieutenant Colonel 16-Oct-2003
White House Beery, Brock A. Staff Sergeant 23-Mar-2006
Winchester Clemons, Nathan B. Private 1st Class 14-Jun-2005
Woodbury Walkup IV, Frank B. 1st Lieutenant 16-Jun-2007
Chris Lugo
Chris Lugohttp://www.chris4senate.org/
Chris Lugo is a peace activist who has been involved in the movement for peace and global justice for twenty years. He is currently seeking the Green Party nomination for US Senate in Tennessee.

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