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Image of the Week: Perfect form

An APSU student does a layup shot in the campus fitness center
Photograph by Bill Larson

An APSU student does a layup shot with perfect form in the campus fitness center.

Images of the week

To submit a photograph for our consideration as a possible image of the week:

  • The image must have been taken by yourself
  • It must be no more than two weeks old
  • It must have been taken in or of the local area
  • If the image contains other people you must have received their permisson to submit it for publication; unless the image was taken in at a public event, or in any other area where there is no legal expectation of privacy.
  • It must have a width of 1280 pixels

If your image meets the above qualifications, please email a copy to news@clarksvilleonline.com with the subject “Image of the week.”

You must also supply:

  • Your real name
  • A contact phone number
  • A title and a caption describing the image

Please do not submit more than one image each week for our consideration. When no other images are submitted Clarksville Online staff will provide a suitable image for that week.


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