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HIV/AIDS Awareness program to offer information, education

Working of the premise that knowledge is power, the Latino Commission on AIDS is sponsoring a free education and information program on HIV/AIDS on Saturday, April 26th, at The Eternal Rock, 812 Tiny Town Road, Clarksville, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Everyone should have the opportunity to get educated about HIV/AIDS. With knowledge, the community is empowered to protect themselves and their love ones against HIV. The public is invited to come and learn how to protect yourself and love ones against this terrible illness that is affecting our communities, and learn about the resources that are available, for “with wisdom comes power.” With this knowledge, we can empower ourselves to get into care and treatment for ourselves and our love ones.

The program will offer information on HIV/AIDS is, HIV/AIDS awareness, how HIV is spread, an explanation of HIV symptoms, and diagnosing AIDS. The program will also provide counseling and education and HIV/AIDS testing. Refreshments will be served over the course of the event.

For further information, contact Elizabeth Veldez Adamski at 931.249.5330 or Yvette McCutchen at 931. 920.7234.


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