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“Heavy turnout” reported as voters flock to the polls for historic presidential election

A number of precincts in Clarksville/Montgomery County reported “heavy” early voting as the official November 4 Election Day got underway. Polls opened at 7 a.m. to heavy traffic, which thinned a bit by mid-morning. The evening “rush” is expected to be just that: a rush to the polls and potentially long lines. A check with several precincts though reports indicate the voting process is moving fairly quickly.

St. Bethlehem School (District 1) had heavy turnout in the first two hours of voting

At the Jaycee’s on Hwy 48 (District 5), “we’ve had more people in the first hour than we had in the entire primary election.” The words “steady stream” and “heavy” turnout were heard at virtually every polling place. The early voting period saw a 40% turnout, and given the number to this hour, another 30-40% could vote by days end.

Campaigners with Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin joined up with Tim Barnes and Rosalind Kurita supporters to stake out visible spots at all polling sites.

Registered voters have until 7 p.m. to get in line to cast their vote; a significant turnout is expected as the “after work” voters arrive.


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